10 Ways to Get a Girlfriend

Here are some of the top 10 ways to get a girlfriend that have worked for guys all around the world, guys just like you.

  1. Grooming – Groom yourself well. Keep your hair, eyebrows, face, nails and teeth in shape. You only get one chance to make a first impression, make it count.
  2. Stand Out – Make yourself stand out from the crowd of guys that she sees every day with the same dull chat up lines and clothes. Go outrageous, try things until you find something that a girl compliments you on and then you will know you have found something right for you.
  3. Get A Girl To Dress You – Do you have many female friends? Get one to take you shopping for clothes because they know what girls like. Every guy thinks he knows fashion but let the girls tell you what is attractive, it is different for each guy.
  4. Power Walk – Have a powerful walk, one that looks like you are going somewhere with determination, or a slow casual walk so girls do not feel too threatened by you. Do not pull angry faces when walking though as you want to look friendly and inviting.
  5. Understand Their Body Language – A girls body can tell you more than her mouth a lot of the time. If her feet point away, she is not interested. If she shows her wrists and plays with her hair, she is interested.
  6. Positive Attitude – You have to believe in yourself. You are all that you have got. Actually become confident by taking action constantly, do not fake it.
  7. Be Comfortable – You have to be comfortable in the presence of women, if not she will sense this and will feel uncomfortable because you are.
  8. Be Brilliant In Her Presence – You have to do something excellent while she is there. Do not brag about it. Just do it and leave. She will really respect you for this.
  9. Keep Learning – There is so much information in stes and forums on the internet that you cannot fail to find useful information, dive in!
  10. Listen To Guys Who Have Succeeded – Friends and parents mean well, but unless they are successful and happy with their dating life, do not always take their advice. Go to the guys who are having success with women and look at what they do, not what they say.

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