2 Cheeky Ways To Chat Up A Girl

I am sure you are reading this because you feel that you lack the skills to really get the girl of your dreams. You may see her everyday but just cannot muster up the courage to go and chat with her.

Of course as we know chatting with her is not the problem, that really is the easy part, now before you think I am nuts let me explain what I mean by that. The only reason we have difficulty talking with her or in any situation is due to what we think others think.

We are afraid that we will not get what we want, or that we will look silly and make a poor impression, which all leads back to the fragile ego. Now this is all understandable and it relates to every one of us, but here are two cheeky ways to make things a little easier.

When you see a girl you like, now and again look in her direction, by the way do not stare, and see if you grab her attention. If you do, see how she reacts, now there is always the problem of incorrectly reading the reaction.

For example she may look away and as a result you think she is rejecting you, but she actually may be shy and feels a little uncomfortable with the attention. We all know that if she smiles, then she to a degree is OK with the attention.

The next step is to take in your surroundings and figure out what you can converse about that is relative to what is happening at that point in time. Then you will think of an open ended question that is not in any way personal.

Let me give you an example, you are at a bar restaurant, you walk by her and see if she reacts, go to the bathroom come back out and approach her and say, “Is this place always this busy”?, of course when asking the question look over your shoulders as if your attention is elsewhere and then look her in the eyes and listen to her response, if she answers it openly you can continue the conversation, such as she say’s, “only on weekends” you reply with, so what is there specialty? And as she answers you monitor body language and as mentioned always make it seem like you are just passing by.

Gage her tone and conversation if it is not very responsive, move on, sure you did not get her but now you can move to the next girl rather that think about what could have been for the rest of your life.

By the way this is just an example to illustrate a point, you can do a lot better I am sure, just remember the question needs to be open ended and not personal, keep it simple and let things flow.

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