3 Simple Ways To Ask For A Woman's Phone Number

I get this question all the time and it's natural to feel slightly nervous when talking to an
attractive woman. Especially when the time comes to ask for her phone number. Our defense system is activated and we do not want to embarrass ourselves.

It's actually a lot easier than it sounds as most women want to meet genuine guys
like you however it rarely comes around that a guy with confidence asks the right way.

How you 'ask' for a woman's phone number will often dictate whether you'll see her again, so it's important that you get the basics down and ask the RIGHT way.

Tip # 1 Mention an event / cool new bar or maybe even a house party sometime in the conversation casually. Say that you plan on checking out in the next few days and really oversell the quality and overall experience of the event.

Make it sound like whoever does not attend the event will be missing out.

Tip # 2 "You should tag along and join the party, actually enter your digits here and I'll
SMS you the details "then hand her your phone physically. This is a great way to ask for a womens phone number.

Tip # 3 If you feel a little too coy to ask for a woman's phone number just yet then ask for their MSN, or email. These are still good ways to get their contact information.

Too many this is a daunting task however it has to be done, men must ask for womens phone numbers and we're considered the leaders and instigators.

There is no perfect time to ask, you could be speaking to her for only 5 minutes and if you really connect (you'll feel this) then you should trust your feelings and go for it. From my past history and of my students most women will be receptive and give their phone numbers or emails without hesitation.

Word for word what I say:

"Well it was great talking to you … we should do something interesting next week (hand her your phone) enter your digits here and I'll sms you."

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