3 Warning Signs That Show Your Girlfriend Is Getting Ready to Leave You

If you feel your relationship is not going the right way, it may be time to reassess what’s going on. In this article you will discover some ways to tell if your girlfriend is thinking about leaving. This by no means an exhaustive list; treat it like a little guide to get you started. Very often, these signs may be temporary and it’s normal for any relationship to have its ups and downs. Ultimately, only an honest conversation can reveal what’s really going on in her mind. However, if you notice two or more of the symptoms below chances are things are not the way they should be.

1. The “Call-Back Test” – What happens when you don’t call her as often as usual? if she calls you back to tell you she has missed you that’s a good thing. On the other hand, if she only yells at you and makes you feel bad, it’s possible your relationship is not in a very healthy state.

In any case, with the exception of you living together, it’s not very wise to spend every day with your girlfriend. By creating some space you help to maintain intrigue about you. This builds attraction for you. You will also find she has more respect for you when you apply this method.

2. She snaps at you for no reason – This may seem obvious yet very often men accept it as part of a regular relationship. Here is the hard truth: when a woman acts in a less than respectful manner, even if she is not thinking of leaving, you should be!

People often get angry out of suppressed guilt. Women are no different. Be careful as soon as you realize she is always finding something wrong with what you are doing. She could be trying to justify her actions by finding fault with you.

3. Discomfort from friends and family – Her friends and family may be uncomfortable hiding information from you. They may have seen her cheating. Possibly, she told them things about you they think may lead to a break up. You are very likely to get a weird vibe from them if things are going wrong. For example, they may start avoiding you. They may also try to keep conversations with you very short.

Her female friends may also start treating you with contempt. Conversely, you may start getting an extra-nice attitude from them, all of a sudden.

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