4 Tips to Having a Girl As a Friend Who Will Try and Set You Up

Life is too short not to have friends, and the best girl friends that you can have are the ones that love all that there is about you. I have a friend that that loves me deeply and loves to be around me it's just that out 15 years difference in age is too much for her. Here are 5 tips to becoming a good friend to a girl who will try and hook you up with other girls.

Tip 1 Be yourself around her

Many people hide when they are in a committed relationship for fear of not wanting their partner to know their bad points. Dishonesty and hiding yourself is not a way I suggest you have a committed relationship, yet as a friend who is not going to date you, you have no excuse not to be yourself.

You might be surprised by your good friends that when they find out your bad points that they can advise you and help you to overcome them or to improve on them so that they are not a bad point anymore. A friend can not help you unless you are honest with them.

A good friend will help you improve so that you will suit one of her friends and she will pre-warn her friends about you and the progress you have made. She will give it a positive spin like women can about anything.

Tip 2 Once you know you are only friends do not push it

I know, I know. Sometimes you think a girl rejecting you and telling you that she only wants to be friends can be won over when you are a friend for a while. If that is going to be the case you will have to be very patient and let the lady show you that her feelings have increased for you.

No amount of nagging by you as a sick puppy will win her over and if you do not watch it you will lose the girl as your friend.

Trying to make her yours all the time is quite sleazy and if you prove to be a gentlemen she will be happy to let her friends be friends with you in the hope that sparks fly and will know that you can be trusted if they do not

Tip 3 Be honest with her

When a girl likes you and respects you she will ask you your opinion on things. Should she date this guy, should she break up with this guy, does she look good in this dress, do her legs look good in these jeans etc …

Do yourself a favor and her a favor, and with tact, be honest with her. Be known for the one person in her life that can be depended on to tell her the real truth and not just what she wants to hear. She will love you for it and will tell her friends about how honest you are and tactful.

Tip 4 Do not use her for her money even if you are broke

If she invites you out for a coffee tell her that you are out of money at the moment but would love to have a water with her and just chat while she has a coffee. If she does not mind paying for you, try you level best not to let it happen a lot of the time. If you are poor, you need to work out where you are going to spend your money and if she is important to you, you should keep enough money aside to pay your own way. She is not going to suggest her friends go out with you if you are a taker and a sponge.

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