4 Ways to Develop a Magnetic Personality

Almost everyone loves to be the person who is the center of attraction among the crowd, the person who everyone is dying to talk to and getting the attention of everyone in the room. If you see such a person, you will see that he is a natural talker and he is able to talk to anyone and everyone with ease.

Would it not be great if you too could become such a speaker with a magnetic personality to die for? You too can become such a personality if you know what attributes you have to work on, but first things first.

1. First things first.

Give yourself permission to add a little drama to your life. Venture out on the tree of life where others fear not to go. All you need is a little courage and a plan. The first part of the plan is do not be shy. With a smile on your face not much can go that wrong, and with a "plan" much can go right. Always keep that in mind.

2. Learn to Ask the Right Questions.

There are some questions that you can learn to ask that can not be answered with a simple yes or no answer. If you learn to ask the right questions, it can be the right conversation starter. So, learn to ask right questions without crossing the limits of privacy that some people would not like you to cross. When you learn to ask the right questions at the right times, you can easily converse with anyone and everyone. The other day I was checking out of the grocery store and I noticed the clerk's name was "Lucy." I asked her if she knew where Charlie Brown was. And then she laughed and laughed. Nobody had ever asked her that question.

3. Learn to Listen.

People love to talk than to listen. But, people who listen make people with a magnetic personality. If you learn to ask the right questions and listen to people talk, then people will love to talk to you. They will consider you to be a very natural talker with a magnetic personality and will be attracted towards you.

4. Learn Interesting Things to Say.

People love to hear interesting things. Make it a point to keep in mind any interesting things you might hear or read so that you can use them in your conversation whenever it is apt. The examples to such interesting things could be some nice stories, anecdotes, quotes, jokes, etc.

5. (Bonus!) Learn to Compliment and Share Your Goodies.

If you really like something about someone, you should learn to tell them about it and compliment them. People just love compliments and if you are genuine about it, there is nothing that attracts people to you than being open about it. When I taught school, the quickest way to get to my class was to go through the library. If along the way I saw the librarian, I frequently complimented her on the way she was dressed. And I invited her to all our bedroom parties for trips. When she retired she said that I was one of her favorite persons. A few kind words and pizza slices or cupcakes go a long way.

Speaking is an art that can be mastered to entice people towards you. People will be traditionally drawn to a person that interests them with their talking abilities. Learn the art of effective communication and soon you will be the person that everyone is after where you go, especially if you have extra kindness in your DNA.

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