5 Dirty Goodnight Texts For Your Boyfriend

Usually, nighttime is associated with relaxing and unwinding from the day’s events. For lovers, it’s time to catch up and talk about the highlights of the day. It’s the time to find out what made your other half happy and what made them sad. There’s one thing about nighttime that’s absolutely undeniable; the ambiance is quite and right for romance especially if you’re in bed.

You can get really naughty with dirty goodnight texts to spice up the night. When you’re lying in bed, your mind can wander far and wide giving you some of the most romantic yet dirty lines that can stir any man’s sexual drive.

While getting dirty with your man at night can be fun, you need to do it right. You need to make sure that your man is in the mood to get dirty with you; otherwise you might end up being disappointed. The best way of doing this is to find out what he is doing first. For instance you can’t get dirty with him if he’s catching up with a backlog from work that needs to be done by morning.

Obviously you will start by asking how his day was, then proceed to find out what he is up to. Start by being suggestive and get dirtier as the text exchange gets going. The best time to use dirty goodnight texts is late at night when you’re sure he is already in bed or just about to go to sleep. Here is a look at some dirty texts you can send to wish your man a goodnight.

Hey sexy! I can’t stop thinking about you. Last night was the sweetest night ever. Have a goodnight… This is one of those messages that will get his attention instantly. When you call him sexy, he will be in a flirty mood and that’s where a series of other dirty goodnight texts will start.

I wish I could touch your lips, smell your breath around my neck and tell you how much I love you… You can build sexual anticipation with dirty texts such as this one. Just ensure the text has some form of sexual connotation and you’re good to go.

Do you want to know what I really want? Come close to me and I will let you know… Setting the stage for sexual talk is very important. With a text such as this one, it’s easy to pull your man into a dirty conversation. Don’t forget to wish him a goodnight after you’re done.

Whatever you do, whatever you say, I will always be here to love you. Sweet dreams… Never stop reminding your man how much you love him. Once a man knows you will be there for him, his love towards you will increase. What a perfect time to remind your boyfriend how much you love him then late at night when he’s about to sleep? You can add a sexual twist to the text if you want to.

Other dirty goodnight texts for your boyfriend include:

If I was to have it my way, I would have put you on my “to-do” list tonight. But I know soon I will have it my way. Goodnight.

Goodnight text messages don’t have to be same old boring, generic messages. You can tweak them to have dirty messages and still attain the same purpose. As a matter of the fact, the dirtier the message, the better it is. Try making up your own sweet dirty text and send it tonight, your boyfriend will love it!

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