5 Fantastic Ways to Getting Ex Girlfriend Back

Have you broken up with your girlfriend? Has she become an ex all of a sudden? Do you still love her and want her back in life? Do you think there is no way she can come back? Get thinking again, getting an ex girlfriend back is no rocket science, even if it does seem so. All it takes is love and then some more love to get your ex back. Here are 5 ways to getting ex girlfriend back:

1. Introspection: Find out why you really want your ex girlfriend back. Is it because of a sudden feeling of lust or because of a habit of being dependent on her? The real reason should be love because if you are getting your ex back, she will only come to you, if she believes that the relationship will be more strong and permanent.

2. Change yourself: What was the reason for the break-up? Was it due to some fault on your part? Correct it, so that she can see that you’ve changed. Break-ups can make you upset and may even cause yourself to neglect your physical appearance. Do not do that; instead work on your personality; hit the gym, wear smart outfits, get yourself a new pair of shoes. Feel good and confidence will radiate onto you.

3. The meeting: How do you get in touch with your ex -girlfriend? Well, you may have her phone number. Give her a call or send her a text-message. If you do not like either of these, send her an email. Do not write how much you miss her and stuff; just a simple email to know how she is and what she is doing. Then the next step: ask her to come online for chat. You can then have a detailed conversation with her. But do not touch sensitive topics that hinges on break-ups, frustration, sadness etc.

4. Tell her that you’d like to meet her. Ask her when she’d be free. Meet your ex girlfriend at a coffee shop, a park or for dinner. It would be better if you ask her to meet at one of the places; you both would regularly hang out to. Women tend to associate familiar memorable places with sensitive emotions. When you meet your ex girlfriend, talk about how these places remind you very much of her. Also let her know that you are dating other women. Though your ex girlfriend will nod and smile, inside she will burning with envy, if she has a soft corner for you

5. Be tactile with her but not touchy in a creepy sort of manner. Hug her, hold her hand at certain times and tap her nose at an interesting point of conversation. These physical gestures do play on a woman’s mind. Your ex girlfriend will certainly feel that she has missed an important element in her life-you. When you have become friendly and are meeting your ex girlfriend regularly, confess to her that you love her and that you regret the break up. You don’t even have to say that you have changed. Your ex girlfriend will know it.

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