5 Hot Ways to Turn on Your Girlfriend – Sexy Tricks to Make Her Want You 24-7

Thinking of our girlfriends sure does bring back that nice fluttering of butterflies inside our stomach and that warm feeling of having someone in our life, making love more colorful and absolutely more wonderful. Of course, we all want a girlfriend and it sure is phenomenal when we finally get ourselves into a serious relationship. And so, the sexual satisfaction comes in. Making love is very vital in a romantic relationship and we definitely want our girl to feel the same pleasure that we do. So to make it more exciting and absolutely wilder, here are the top five hot ways to turn on your girlfriend — get to learn the sexy tricks to make her want you 24/7!

  • Make her miss you. Spending time together 24 hours a day is nice and downright romantic and there will be a point where you’re practically living together — however, it can kills the romance sometimes. Spend time apart, do your other hobbies and give in to you other passions. Take time to miss each other! Besides, absence make the heart go fonder, so by the time you meet again, her yearning has turned on completely on making things with you wilder and hotter.
  • Surprise her. Whatever it is, it will surely melt her heart. Give her a gift although there’s no occasion, sing her a song, give her a surprise visit at home — she will absolutely love it! It’s a great way to make her fall in love with you all over again which it sure to entail that will be in the mood for some action tonight.
  • Display public affection. Going out every once in a while is a great way to bond and get closer with your girlfriend so why not spice it up a little and actually show some public display of affection? Hold her hand, wrap an around her, whisper in her ear, kiss — whatever it is, being out on public and semi-making out sure is going to build some serious sexual tension making her look forward for sex later.
  • Send her a naughty message. Email, text message, snail mail (make sure she gets it first though) — try to send her some naughty, sexy messages everyday — it will excite her to the brim making her anticipate greatly on seeing you again. Make it short or long, whatever — you can even write elaborately about your plans with her tonight — and that includes the blow-by-blow detail of your lovemaking.
  • Have wild passionate sex. Now that you got her in bed, don’t just get on with it and get it done with — have passion, don’t skip foreplay, keep it nice and slow — it’s important you make it memorable every time you hit the sheets. It would definitely make her go for round two — in about a few minutes.

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