5 Romantic Games for Couples

Romance is definitely the most important ingredient that adds amazing flavor to your love life. If your love life lacks romantic elements, it can get real tough for you and your spouse to maintain the strength of your relationship. This is the reason why today's couples are finding it quite tough to save their relationships from turning into disaster. Thankfully, there are some easy ways through which you can add more passion to your love life, and even rekindle the lost emotions. Romantic games for couples can prove to be a great idea for troubled relationships, and such games are quite easy to play. Let's have a look into some of the best romantic games for couples:

1. Order of the Dice: Without any doubt, this is an extremely easy game to play, but amazingly exciting. To play this game, all you need is a pair of dice, a piece of paper, and a pen or pencil. Make sure that the dies are of two different colors or dissimilar sizes. Now, make two columns on the piece of paper; Name them as Dice 1 and Dice 2. Under each column, make a list of 5 to 6 points. Under the 1st column (Dice 1), fill the list with different actions, such as kiss, lick, caress, nibble, etc. And, under the 2nd column (Dice 2), write down the names of some body parts, such as lips, neck, toes, chest, etc. Now, roll both the dice; And play the game accordingly. For example, if 2 and 4 show up on dice1 and dice 2 respectively; The rule says: perform the act mentioned in the 2nd position of 1st column on the body part stated in the 4th position of 2nd column.

2. Loser strip it: A chess game board can be used to play this simple and sensual game. Each time a partner loses one piece, he / she will have to take off one item he / she is wearing, such as watch, earrings, shirt, belt, etc. To make the game last longer, you and your partner can put on more number of items, such as hat, neck tie, bow tie, scarf, waist coat, etc.

3. Truth or Dare for lovers: Well, this is one of the most widely played games. However, there are few cruel things that you should keep in mind when you play this game. Never ask horrible or awkward questions that can ruin your partner's mood. Do not even think about putting questions related to ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.

4. Fan the flames: In this romantic game, each partner has to reveal his / her romantic preferences and sexual fantasies by answering the questions stated on the cards. So, get some blank cards and jot down some interesting and naughty questions that you wish to ask from your partner.

5. Let's play doctor: This game is known as the most preferred game for role play. You can ask your wife or girlfriend to play the role of cheerleader, queen, or quarterback. And, you play the role of a doctor.

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