6 Steps for an Average Joe: How to Attract Women

Logically speaking, anyone can attract hot women. Chances are, you know someone who is dating a girl who is way too hot for him. You, on the other hand, can’t seem to get a date. Is there something wrong with you or are you just extremely unlucky?

This article will tell you what the problem is. The discussion will then move to tips and techniques on how to attract women. So pay attention and be open-minded.

Is There Something Wrong?

Yes there is. You are not putting yourself in the path of women. Think about it, if you want to get run over by a truck where will you go and what will you do? Now, remove that gruesome image from your head and think. Where should I go and what should I do to get chicks? Below are a few steps on how to attract women:

Get Out More

If you are a student, hang out with classmates. If you are an employee, hang out with co-workers. You have friends. Hang out with them. Drop subtle hints about wanting to go on a blind date.

Talk to Women

Being in the company of women is not enough. You need to chat with them. Everyone will tell you that this is the hardest part of how to attract women. That’s true. But if you get past this, then it’s all downhill.

Get a Smile Out Of Her

Start with a simple 1 minute introduction i.e. name, what you do. Tell her, you don’t normally come up to women to talk to them, but in this case you were compelled to. By what? Tell her, “I have absolutely no idea. If she pressures you tell her “probably the way you smile.” If she comes back by saying she didn’t smile. Tell her “that’s right, but I really want to see you smile.”

Turn the Tables

Give her an interesting tidbit about you. For example, “I’m not really used to city life. I actually grew up in a farm you know.” Then shift the conversation to them. Get as much information and use the chat time without revealing too much about yourself. This way you keep her guessing.

Now Connect

Pay attention to what she is telling you. Your next trick is to make a connection. Do this based on what you have told her earlier and what she is telling you now. If she digs you, she will make this easy for you. If you have a chance, then she’ll make you work for it. If she does not like you, she’ll probably stress the divide between you two. In the first case, you pounce. In the second case, be ready. In the third case, you need to move on.

Pay Attention to Diamonds in the Rough

Everybody wants to date the hottest girl in the bar, or the second hottest, or the third hottest. But you need to look closer for women who are not covered up with too much make up. These are diamonds in the rough. They might not be who you set out to look for. But if you look closely, they have potential i.e. sexy body, cute dimples, sultry eyes, etc. They are easier to talk to and they put out with much more gusto.

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