7 Secretive Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend

What would you do if your girlfriend cheated on you with someone else? How would you know what signs to look for? These are troubled waters and you may need a map to navigate safely through them. Here are 7 signs that may reveal a cheating girlfriend.

#1: Who is she spending time with? Your girlfriend is suddenly spending more time away from you than usual. What is she doing and with whom is she doing it? Your friends and their girlfriend does not know where she is going either.

#2: What is she wearing underneath those clothes? Is she wearing lingerie that you have never seen before? Does she wear special underwear when she goes out for meetings or parties that you are not invited to? She may be wearing it because she likes sexy lingerie, or maybe she wears it to impress her secret lover.

#3: Her sex life has suddenly changed. She has much less desire to be intimate with you than before. Why? Is it because she is being satisfied by her new lover or is there another reason for her decreased desire?

#4: Your cheating girlfriend may exhibit signs of being bored or uninterested in your relationship. She is distant and sad when she is around you, but happy when she is away from you. Who or what is making her happy? If it is not you, then who is satisfying her needs?

#5: Where did she get that new jewelry or dress from? Did she buy it herself? Did she have the money available to afford it? If you did not give these things to her as gifts, then who did? Someone may be showering her with gifts to show his affection or appreciation of her.

#6: Do not forget about repeated phone calls you cannot explain. The caller hangs up the phone when you answer it. Your girlfriend also has secret telephone conversations with someone you do not know.

#7: Your cheating girlfriend starts to lie about her daily activities. There are definite differences in what she tells you one day and what she tells you the next day. She might be finding it confusing to cover her tracks from all angles. Is she having memory problems or is she trying to keep her infidelity a secret?

Remember that there is probably no sign that marks the exact spot of infidelity. Rather form a picture from all the different signs and see them as a whole. There is no salvation in passing weak judgment and anger. Read the signs of a cheating girlfriend correctly and test the waters of your relationship to see if it is warm or cold.

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