7 Ways to Ruin Your Marriage

Are you happily married? Would you like to be happily married? Are you looking for ways to have a happy marriage? Take a look at 7 ways to ruin a marriage below. These can be equally applied to both husbands and wives. If you'll avoid these 7 things – you'll be a step closer to a happy marriage.

7) Hold things in – do not communicate with your spouse about "issues" in your marriage. Wait until that tiny problem has grown into a big problem – then start a fight about it.

6) Spend more time with your friends than with your spouse. If your friend wants to do something fun – leave your spouse at home – he / she probably would not enjoy the outing anyway.

5) Since you might not want to have sex when your spouse does – make sure you get your way. Do not let him / her have the pleasure of sexual fulfillment in your marriage. After all, you're tired, you've been working all day, you should only have sex when you want it, right? And never do anything sexual that you do not want to do – regardless of how much it means to your spouse – it's all about you, right?

4) When you have a disagreement with your spouse – do not attack the problem – focus the blame directly on your spouse. Bring up everything you can think of to back up your point. Think back years and years – use little instances in the past to further prove to your spouse that you're right. After all, since you're right about this disagreement – you should win the argument.

3) Make sure you stay in touch with your old boyfriends and girlfriends – after all, they're just friends. While you're at it – make new friends with the opposite sex – these relationships are healthy – you need to have a lot of friendships with members of the opposite sex in order to have a healthy marriage. And be sure to talk about these "friends" to your spouse as much as possible.

2) Be as negative as you can around your spouse. After all, you've had a hard day, you've been done wrong, you do not feel well – make sure you're spouse knows you're in a bad mood and take it out on he / she. It's your right is not it?

1) Be disrespectful toward your spouse every chance you get. Put he / she down in front of others. Never give your spouse a compliment and never say encouraging things to one another. Be sure to treat your spouse as if you're a superior being – after all, you probably are, right?

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