9 Online Pick Up Artist Tips

Are you using the likes of Facebook and MySpace to meet hot women online? If not you are missing out on easy pickings!

By using the following online pick up artist tips, you will soon be able to meet as many girls as you want online!

1. Turn off your relationship status! Never make it easy for her by showing that you are single. She’ll probably ask soon enough anyway!

2. Never poke, hug or kiss etc. If you do this you risk coming across as being childish and not a busy man that women want!

3. Your primary photo is very important as she may not see anything else. You need to get a photo where you are with a hot girl and she is enjoying your company!

4. If you have cool hobbies such as surfing or snow boarding, then put some photos of these up to show that you are interesting and cool!

5. Don’t show photos of yourself topless posing in front of the mirror! No matter how good your body is, it is a turn off!

6. Check all your spellings and grammar. Don’t talk like a teenage girl sending a text message! You need to look intelligent!

7. Look through your wall for any boring posts like your mate inviting you over to watch Star Wars. You need to delete all these!

8. Use your wall to collect positive posts from hot girls inviting you out for a coffee and a chat. You will look desirable this way!

9. Never fill in the section on top that asks what you’re doing today! If you do then it is clear that you are in fact doing nothing! You should be way too busy for that! Leave this for those who aren’t online pick up artists!

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