9 Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend

When you suspect that you are being cheated on by your girlfriend it is one of the worst feelings in the world. The thought that someone you love and trusted could be cheating on you can cause you to feel any number of emotions including anger, pain, sorrow, a sense of betrayal, distrust, and many other painful emotions. Even if you ask your girlfriend outright if she is cheating on you odds are she would lie about it anyway, so it can be frustrating stuck in limbo not knowing one way or the other. When people cheat there are some common signs that most of them show which can help you to decide whether or not they are being faithful. To help you analyze your situation here are 7 signs of a cheating girlfriend.

1. She is Spending More Time Away from Home than Usual

One of the most common signs of a cheating girlfriend is that she may start spending more time away from home. It could be that she suddenly keeps getting called into work at odd hours, working late or that she often has to be away on business. Or, she may tell you about some really great new friends that she has made but that you have never met and keep going off to meet up with them without inviting you. Anytime that your girlfriend starts spending significant amounts of time away from home and coming or going at odd hours compared to her usual schedule it can be a sign that she is cheating.

2. She is Spending a lot of Money with Nothing to Show for it.

Most of the time cheating takes money since people who cheat often meet up at places like restaurants or hotels. If you notice that your girlfriend seems to be broke all the time but hasn’t bought anything new and hasn’t had a change in her income level it could be a sign of cheating.

3. She Starts Paying More Attention to Her Appearance

If your girlfriend suddenly starts taking more time with her hair and makeup and dressing up without a special occasion she could be trying to impress whomever she is cheating with. Pay special attention to her underwear selection since most girls like to wear sexy underwear when they are with someone new. If she wears granny panties when she is around you but puts on a lace thong to head to work it could be a sign that she is seeing someone else.

4. She Registers a New Email Address

Because email can be sent discreetly it is one of the most common ways for people who are cheating to stay in touch. Unlike talking on a phone where you could overhear her, she can send an email to another guy from a new email address and you would be none the wiser. Pay attention for her using a new email address, changing her password on her email or suddenly closing the window on her computer when you walk into the room.

5. She Deletes Her Text Messages Right Away

Text messages and cell phones are another common way for people to stay in touch with whomever they are cheating with. A sign that your girlfriend may be cheating is if she suddenly starts deleting her text messages and deleting the call log from her cell phone frequently…usually right after a text message comes in.

6. She Loses Interest in Activities and Interests You Used to Enjoy Together

If your girlfriend is cheating it may start to seem like she has lost all interest in you and in doing activities that you used to enjoy together. She may start canceling your usual movie night or not listening to you when you talk to her. She may not want to hear about your day or pay attention even if you have something important to say to her. It may seem like although she is there with you her brain is somewhere else.

7. Your Mutual Friends Start Acting Weird

You may notice one or two of your mutual friends start acting strangely when they are around you. Sometimes your friends will know that she is cheating and it can make for an uncomfortable situation for them. On one hand they are friends with her and don’t want to betray her secret, but on the other hand they are friends with you and don’t want to see you get hurt. You may even find that someone that used to be a great friend starts avoiding you completely because they don’t want to get involved.

8. Obvious Physical Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend

There are the usual obvious physical signs of a cheating girlfriend that you should watch out for like coming home smelling like cologne, coming home with damp hair or with hair that smells like a different shampoo, or coming home with her blouse buttoned crooked…or even on inside out.

9. She Goes to the Bathroom Right When She Gets Home

If your girlfriend rushes into the bathroom the minute she gets home it could be because she is trying to clean up after cheating and remove any traces from her body. Listen for sounds of running water and be especially aware if she starts to shower right when she gets home. Also keep an eye on her laundry habits. If she suddenly starts washing her clothing every single day it could be because she is trying to hide stains or smells from you that could give away her secret.

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