A Powerful Tip You Can Use to Chat Up Any Girl

Is there really a secret to attracting girls? You know every time you go out you always see certain guys approaching women and leaving with them later in the night, at least some guy’s. What do these men have that you don’t?

Lets be honest, first and foremost they do one thing right now that you are not prepared to do and that is to actually go up to a girl cold. There is no secret in that, they just take action, that’s number one.

Number two, they are not certain of what the outcome will be, whereas the other guys who do not take action want to be certain. This is why they do not take action because there is the factor of the unknown outcome which they fear.

Number three, guy’s who take action to some degree are nervous but by taking action you cannot but admire the fact that they have some backbone. Women like that; they want to know their guy can act even when he does not know what he will encounter.

That is why women like the bad guy image in one respect, these guys are secure in themselves, at least that is the way it looks and every one of us as human beings crave security in one form or another.

With that said some guys make a total ass out of themselves at least that is what we think, I mean do you ever see it when you are there with your friends at the bar and you say, “watch this”, then some guy goes up to a girl and gets rejected, and then you all laugh at him, which bolsters furthermore your fear of doing anything.

In the end he is the guy that will get what he wants while the other’s are just laughing at the next guy and going home alone.

The first step in doing anything in life is honesty. You have to honestly identify your problems. These guys that chat up girls are also nervous but they put their pride in their back pocket and go for it.

With that said you can look for signals to improve your approach and therefore reduce your risk of rejection or eliminate it altogether.

To conclude the biggest difference between you and the other guys is no secret it’s just a matter of action.

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