A Revolutionary Way Of Chatting Up Girls

There are many ways that you can go about chatting with girls but what is the most revolutionary way of doing it? You may not know what to do to get a girl to talk to you. This is the key, get her talking, you will learn nothing when your mouth is in gear.

Step One

Keep it simple. When you see a girl that you would like to talk to, you will need to really keep it as simple as possible. If you try too much, you will get rejected right away. A girl wants to have someone that is secure and comfortable with whom they are.

Step Two

Take your time. When you see that girl that you want to chat with, you really need to take your time to find out what you want to say to her. Do not wait too long before going over to her, but take just enough time to figure out what to say, basically you want to ask her opinion on something, for example I was at the bar the other night and the hostess there is really cute, so as usual the first words out of your mouth can be difficult, but when you are prepared it is not so difficult, for example you can simply ask her who the head chef is in the restaurant and what's his specialty, then ask her what dishes she likes and see how the conversation flows, listen and observe and see how you progress, if not so good move on, if good, stick with it and slowly work around to say that you would like to chat with her again and see if you can arrange it. Do not overstay your welcome juts try and set up for another meeting.

Step Three

When you do approach her, understand that she is a human being and not some monster that you need to be scared of. Do not hang around too long, just make quick conversation and put some form of time constraint on it, this way you can get her details and meet again. While in conversation try and figure out what her hot buttons are and prepare for those on the next meeting.

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