A Warning About 900 Chat Lines to Meet Single Women

I want you to be aware of some 900 number telephone chat line scams.

Here's how the scam works: You will see ads in publications and commercials on late night television advertising 900 number telephone chat lines where you meet and talk to single women that are just dying to meet and date you. And some of these calls are conference calls with more than one woman.

Many of these services invent their own single women to talk you and try to keep you on the telephone line as long as possible. These women are actually hired for the purpose of pretending to be available and keep you on the phone to run up your telephone bill (you are charged by the minute when calling their 900 number). They get a commission on each call, so it's to their advantage to tease you and pretend to be interested in you so they can make some money off of you.

This is just one big rip-off. If you enjoy throwing your money down the drain, just to talk to women who are just interested in making money off of you, then go ahead and get your thrills.

The best way to pursue single women using telephone personals is to look for ads where you respond by leaving a message on a phone line. These are legitimate and a lot of men meet women this way successfully.

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