After Getting Her Number, How Long Should I Wait to Call Her?

Are you excited about getting her number? Do you call her immediately when you get home or do you wait? How long should you wait before calling her? There are times when it may seem "too soon" or "too late" to call a girl you just met to catch up on her and to ask her for a second date. It's really a case to case basis, depending on the level of chemistry. However, there are some general guidelines to help you along. How long should you wait to call her? Here are some answers to that question:

1. Do not call her immediately, as in a few hours after the date. Phone calls tend to be intrusive especially when you are calling her cell phone. Instead of doing that, consider emailing her first so she can check it and reply to it at her own pace and convenient time. This beats calling her up while she is in the middle of dinner, working, or sleeping. Just let her know that you will call her the following day or two to leave her with some anticipation.

2. Call her in 24 to 48 hours after getting her number. This ensures that she can still remember who you are and that she actually gave you her number. Still, do not forget to introduce yourself with your name and how you met just to refresh her memory.

3. Once you call her, do not let the conversation drag on for a long time. Keep it short yet sweet. For instance, set up a date where the two of you can talk personally and get to know more about each other, and then end the call. You have all the time in the world to get to know her during your date, so do not act all desperate and try to chat her up over the phone. It can be creepy.

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