Anonymous Messaging – How to Send an Anonymous Love Letter

Valentine’s day may fall square in the middle of winter but we still celebrate the blossoming love of the spring season early on. One of the best ways to jump start those warm spring feelings are through timeless expressions of love and affection for someone we care about. Sometimes it’s hard get that message across though – especially if they don’t even know about you. That’s where an anonymous love letter can help to move you in the right direction.

Love is in the Air with Anonymous Messaging

Having a crush or strong feelings for someone is exhilarating isn’t it? You feel like you could take on the world and bust down walls. You day-dream about rescuing that special someone just to turn their head. You think about the perfect way to ignite a magnetic conversion that leaves them hanging on your every word. Whatever you do though, when you get around that person you get butterflies that make you want to tuck your head in the sand. The idea of revealing your crush can be terrifying. If you don’t want to reveal who you are then sending an anonymous love letter around Valentines and spring could help you overcome that fear of initial contact.

How to Write an Anonymous Love Letter

There are a few different ways you can do this. Nothing beats a good old fashioned hand-written letter because it’s very personal. The downside to this is that your handwriting might be pretty obvious. You also have to get the letter to them without revealing who you are.

Short of sticking it in the mail you have to pull of some covert cloak and dagger operations or utilize a network of modern day runners to deliver the message – but then how anonymous are you? Any one of your trusted compadre’s could rat you out.

If you do it by hand you have to change your handwriting if you want to stay anonymous and – honestly – that all just sounds like too much work. Besides, we’re in the digital age where the electronic world and the Net simplify just about anything you need done.

It won’t cook you a meal but it can certainly help you get that love letter out using an anonymous messaging service.

The Downside of Anonymous Messaging

If you want to use any of the free anonymous messaging services online to send an anonymous love letter to your crush you may run into a little snag – just about every site limits the length of the message to about the size of a Tweet. You’re talking somewhere in the range of 140 to 160 characters. If you can get your message off in that limited space then you’re good to go! Maybe something small just to break the ice (without being creepy).

On the other side of the coin a great anonymous messaging service would also provide a more premium service where you can send a full length letter (and even attach some pictures – perhaps something romantic like a photo of roses in the rain). The best part about using an anonymous messaging service in this manner is that the letter isn’t in your handwriting, and it can include all the details you want to state because you get pages instead of just a few characters.

Think carefully about what you want to say – but remember to mask who you are within your writing. Anonymous messaging can do a lot, but if you know the person and they know how you speak then you want to avoid common phrases you use. Right now, the focus is on the feelings and not on who you are. Hook them first and let the identity reveal come later.

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