Are We Just Friends – Or Much More? Surefire Signs to Know

In this article we are going to take a quick peek at some of the non verbal signs of interest and learn to quickly and easily separate what passes as friendly banter, from something much more romantic at heart. Ready to learn more? Great! Read on as we explore.

Have you ever wondered – are we just friends, or something more?

Across a crowded room, he catches your eyes, winks and flashes you his broadest, widest smile. To the casual observer, he's making a pass! But no, he's your best friend and he just wants to remind you of that fact, despite the physical distance between you.

Or does he? In the presence of a stranger, the signs are hard to misinterpret, but how do you differentiate a romantic gesture from a friendly one when you already know the person in question? The answer lies in being able to spot the nonverbal signs of a really good friendship. And failure to recognize these crucial signs can CRUSH a close friendship fast!

The fact of the matter is, when you really like someone simply as a friend, your body language very closely mimics the body language of people in love. Sounds confusing, right?

In the beginning of ANY positive relationship (romantic or otherwise), you will greet each other enthusiastically (perhaps even hugging and kissing, depending on your natural level of demonstrativeness), and look at, smile and nod in agreement more often when in the presence of the other. These are all positive signs of affection!

Because you make each other feel good, you will enjoy being around each other. As a result, you will stand closer, face each other head on and touch each other (linking arms or hands, patting each other on the back, etc.). In a show of solidarity, you will begin acting alike, both verbally and nonverbally.

The key point is – new friendships display more or less the SAME body language as do new romances! However, once the 'newness' of the relationship wears off, the body language will progress in one of two directions.

If the relationship is to settle down into more of a friendship than a romance, many of the overt signs of affection slow down or die completely. At this point, you'll soon find yourselves settling into the "long time friends" role (which mimics a 'married couple'). That is, you'll still be comfortable in each other's presence, but you'll no longer feel the need to outwardly display your affections for one another.

On the other hand, if a romantic relationship is to develop, you will find your partner responding to you in the progression of interest outlined in the previous section. (She will gaze, preen, and close distance more regularly and more intensely, and he will respond in kind – please see the "Sexual and Romantic Gestures" section above).

If you're in a new friendship and you're unsure whether it might lead to romantic possibilities, hold off for a few weeks, and try engaging more frequently in some of the more subtle sexual and romantic gestures outlined above.

If the relationship still settled into a relaxed 'married couple' or 'long time friend' mode, you'll save face by not broaching the topic too soon, keep your friendship intact and avoid some major league humiliation to boot!

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