Are You Sexually Satisfying Your Girlfriend?

Sometimes it is hard to tell whether or not your girlfriend is really satisfied after spending an intimate evening together. As a matter of fact most men can not really tell whether or not their woman is actually satisfied or not. This article is meant for all men if you have ever wondered "are you sexually satisfying your girlfriend."

Unfortunately most women are forced to fake an orgasm because most men do not really know how to sexually satisfy them. It takes longer for a woman to have an orgasm and become pleased than it does for any man. Men usually do not take the time to learn how to find the G-spot of the woman. Find her G-spot and stimulating it is not the easiest thing to do. Taking the time to make your girlfriend orgasm will take time and can even make you sweat, but do you know what signs to look for to decide on when you have satisfied her completely? Can you know for sure that she had an orgasm without having to ask her?

Women do not like to be asked "honey did you orgasm" every time you have sex. If you continue to ask her; she will feel compelled to begin lying and telling you "yes" even though she did not. You may get to the point to where you do not believe her eventually even though she did. You must learn how to sexually satisfy your girlfriend or any woman you are with; so you can both enjoy the sex without having to worry about whether or not you are satisfying each other.

With some women it will extremely easy to tell whether or not she actually had an orgasm. Some women are known to begin crying after having sex. It is a great sign that she has been sexually satisfied. Women are swept by a wave of emotions after the good feeling of sex. If you can get your woman to cry or even collapse after she reaches climax; then you should feel great because you are doing everything right.

The orgasm will drain their energy and if they really had an orgasm she will want to go to sleep. She will want you to roll over and hold her in your arms; because she feel very close to you at that intimate moment. If you are experiencing this when you get done having sex with your woman then you know that your girlfriend is having a great orgasm. You will also find her wanting to have sex with you more and more because she is getting satisfied.

It takes more for a woman to become sexually satisfied and if you are wondering whether or not you are sexually satisfying your girlfriend; you definitely want to find out what you can begin doing to satisfy her. If you do not take the time to find out what your girl wants; she may find it from another guy!

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