Baby Shower on a Budget – Arranging Your Girl Friends Baby Shower is Great Fun – But at What Cost?

To help you plan yours or a friend’s baby shower, use these idea’s to ensure you have all the supplies you need for a wonderful baby shower and share the cost. It does not have to be expensive to hold a party especially if you are the host.


The invitation is the primary element in the baby shower. It should carry the theme of the party to let the guests know what to expect. It will also guide them in buying the baby shower gift.

Depending on your budget, you may choose from a variety of invitations. To print and post can be quite expensive, even if you print the invitations yourself its still extra money for your printer ink. The Internet offers a variety of invitations and in most cases are FREE. All it takes is half an hour of your time. Customized your invitations to create-your-own themed baby shower. Decide on everything you will need before you send out the invitation For example:- if you know the newborn will be a girl and you would like guests to dress in something pink. Then keeping pink in mind make your list from the idea’s below and add all the relevant information to the invitation

Email the invitations to save cost of postage, ask guests to email acceptance or inability. Keep a permanent list in a file on your computer so you don’t have to waste time making phone calls to re-check on attendees.

Send the invitations at least a month in advance.

It is a good idea to prepare the thank you messages at the same time. Ensure that your theme continues to the thank you message. Sending out a thank you message provides proper closure to the party and gives your guests a lasting memory of the fun they had. Try adding a fun Photograph taken at the party. All of this can easily and quickly be done with email and digital camera photographs.

Games and Activities

Plan for the party activities. Games will liven up each activity and entice participation from the guests. Depending on your theme, choose the games that are suitable to the theme, or customize them to suit. Once again if its baby girl on the way then you could use pink washing line pegs as party counters; use them as a game if a guest crosses their legs they would then have to forfeit a peg to the person who spotted them. The guest at the end of the day with the most pegs gets the prize (wrapped in pink of course.)

Prizes are important in making the occasion memorable, so be prepared to give prizes to all game winners and sometimes, even participants. Keep the theme going all throughout the activities.

Make sure that you have listed all the things needed to make the day successful and to avoid last-minute substitutes.

Party Venue Set-up

As dictated by the theme, set-up the party place accordingly. Using the chosen theme use pink napkins, pink tablecloths and pink candles. Your guests will be thrilled and mum-to- be overjoyed. Remember all of the little extra’s can be picked up fairly cheaply at discount stores.

Food and Drinks

The other half of a lively party is overflowing food and drinks. Make sure that as you finalize the number of guests, you are able to buy enough food and drink supplies for the headcount. Buy an extra 10% more to make sure that hungry guests get their fill. Include details on the supplies needed for your specific menu. Better still when you have prepared your menu ask each guest to bring one item, be specific about which food item you would like them to bring. Trying to keep the theme going, for example:- pink icing on the cupcakes or pink salmon sandwiches.

Your guests won’t mind contributing to the food and you will be surprised how creative some of them can be. BYO (bring your own refreshments) is also a great idea to keep the cost down.

Baby Shower Souvenirs

Aside from the game prizes, give your guests a thank you token for attending and participating in the baby shower. Note that this is different from a thank you message, which will be sent to individual guests as a thank you for their gift. Thus, guest who may not have brought gifts can still receive this baby shower souvenir. It does not need to be expensive, especially if there are game prizes given out. Just be sure to have it in-line with your theme to complete the effect. It is a great idea to ask the mum-to-be to provide the thank you gift.

All of the above can be applied to any theme Blue for a boy Pale green, yellow and white if Mum does not know the sex of the baby. For twins you can double the fun.

Celebrate the coming of a newborn in an organized fashion. Be detailed about your requirements call in favors and ask guests to contribute. But most of all have a great day.

Send the invitations at least a month in advance. Make sure to RSVP so you can plan against the right number of guests.

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