Boyfriend and Girlfriend Relationships

I know it is tough. You love your boyfriend or girlfriend more than you can ever express. You could not bear to be separated from him or her. You have never felt like this about anyone else before. Everything has been like heaven on earth for so long. You are even considering getting married. Take the big step. Tie that big knot. Something you thought you would never think of doing.

Then it happens. It happens all the time in boyfriend and girlfriend relationships just as it does in all other forms of relationships. Some little thing occurs that makes you wonder if there is a problem in your relationship. Let’s call it a concern over relationship fidelity. Is your boyfriend or girlfriend being faithful? Are they as committed to your relationship as you are?

It is a tough situation you are in. You are reluctant to come right out and ask your partner if they are cheating on you. If you are wrong you will offend him or her to the point where your doubts expressed to the other party could in itself cause the two of you to break up.

How about asking a friend of theirs or a relative? No, that will not be a good idea. If you do that you just know that eventually it will get back to your partner and cause further problems.

However you still have doubts in the back of your mind as to how healthy your partnership is.

You see your partner whispering on the phone. Why are they whispering? What is it that they do not want you to hear?

They are on the computer a lot. That is nothing unusual. They have always been an internet enthusiast. However now they seem to shut the screen off or close up the laptop every time you come close to them.

They are late coming home from work or from shopping. Why are they late? Were they meeting up with someone else? Who? Where? It is driving you crazy!

One thing I am sure of is that if indeed there is anything to worry about there is a way to find out. People need to reach out to friends in these types of situations and discuss their feelings. If your partner has been cheating on you I have little doubt that they have talked about this with someone close to them. They have probably discussed it over the internet. I would lay money on it.

There are ways to find out if your partner has mentioned anything about this over the internet. There are ways to find out if they have contacted another person who they may be having an affair with over the internet. Hopefully you will find out your doubts were totally imaginary. You can do this without them ever needing to know you were checking them out.

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