Boyfriend Girlfriend Breakups – What You Should Know

We all know someone that has been through a breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend. If you are reading this you've likely experienced a breakup from your boyfriend or girlfriend, maybe even recently. It happens all the time. Getting back into the dating scene can be tricky, even a little scary. If you are the person that caused the break up how will you present yourself when you enter the dating scene? If you were the one that got dumped how will you be perceived when asked out again? Here are some questions and facts you should be aware of after a boyfriend / girlfriend breakup.

1. You will go through an adjustment period. During this time you may not feel like yourself or even act like yourself. Your guard may be up if you were the one hurt in the boyfriend / girlfriend breakup. You may lower your inhibitions if you were the one that did the hurting as now you have this new found sense of freedom and you want to be recognized in the dating world to attract more attention. Sooner or later your true colors will come out.

2. Are you carrying around "baggage" that you do not realize exists? Did the boyfriend / girlfriend breakup affect you in such a way that you put yourself on the defensive so that no one can get close to you? Has it changed your personality so the real you is not showing to the new person or people in your life? Really examine this. You need to appreciate just how much baggage you carry and how it may affect you – because it will affect your next relationship.

3. Answer the question "am I ready to start dating againg?" after a boyfriend / girlfriend breakup. Answer it honestly. Are you really ready to put yourself out there?

4. Answer the question "what kind of dating do I want to do?" Do I want to casually date several people or do I want a committed relationship? Knowing the kind of dating you want to do can help you set the tone when you meet someone new. This may save you some heartache down the road.

5. What does the new man or woman in your life want in a relationship? Are they recently coming from a boyfriend / girlfriend breakup and do they want something committed or are they just playing the field? This may be too heavy to bring up right away but do not wait too long. You need to know this soon to see if you are both on the same page.

6. When re-entering the dating world are you trying to make up for lost time? If you start dating someone that just went through a boyfriend / girlfriend breakup are they trying to make up for lost time? Maybe they've been in a committed relationship from a very young age and do not have much experience with other men or women. Now might be there time to date everyone they can.

7. Are you willing to be the transition guy or girl? If you know that someone recently broke up with someone else or got dumped are you willing to be the first one that they date? This puts you in a difficult situation, especially if you like this person. They may not be ready for something committed and you become the "transition" person until they are ready.

8. You should know if there are children involved. Does this person you are about to date have any kids and are you prepared to handle this?

9. When you begin dating someone after a boyfriend / girlfriend breakup how long does it take for them to introduce you to their circle of friends or family? If you've been on several dates and you have not met any of them you should be curious as to why. Maybe they do not have any friends or family or maybe they do not want to share too much with you as they are not sure how much longer you will be around.

10. Has the boyfriend / girlfriend breakup caused any trust issues with the person you are dating? Many people hurt more deeply than they realize after they are rejected and may develop trust issues without even knowing it. Watch for this. It can seriously impact any future relationships.

Understanding the impact that a boyfriend / girlfriend breakup can have on you or someone else can be critical in how you approach future relationships []. The more you know about yourself and how others might react to a breakup can help you decide what to look for when you begin dating again or when you start dating someone that just exited a relationship.

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