Celebrate Your Girlfriends

One of the most extra-ordinary things I have ever done, other than giving birth to my son, is write a book in tribute to my girlfriends. I say this not because it is a runaway hit, or because Oprah called when she got it and had to meet me. The reason I say that is because of my Girlfriends and what I discovered about them in the process. Writing that book made me take a look at all my female relationships. I discovered something amazing in that process. THEY ARE FABULOUS! I mean, I already knew they were great but, putting order to feelings and thoughts can really put things into perspective.

They are fun, sassy, ​​opinionated, original, funny, cute, moody, loyal, giving, fierce, strong and stylish. There about 100 other words I can use to describe them as well, but that would be boring. I will tell you one thing they are not. They are not perfect, thank god. And I would not want them to be, because I myself am so far from perfect that it would make me feel unworthy. I love each of them too much for that. The most important word attached to each of them would be supportive. I say that, because without that lord knows nothing would have ever gotten done over the last year. They have not only put up with a lot but pushed me through a lot.

In the past few months I have written a book, started a web business, I designed a girlfriend charm bracelet, ran a fundraiser for my sons Cub Scout pack, all in the middle of the biggest and busiest holiday season. Crazy? A little bit. Unrealistic? Maybe to some. Inspired? Absolutely! I admit I have never had the best timing on anything, but, when the inspiration hits, you have go with it. Even during the holidays. When my mind is set on something I go fast forward full out and with blinders on. Sometimes it works sometimes it does not. The Girls have been there through all the ups and downs, wins and losses, knowing full well there will be another project right around the corner. Traditional I am not.

I believe that everyone comes into your life for a reason. I say that almost every day. When someone gets on my nerves, which is a daily occurrence, I have to remind myself of that. Friends, family, children, siblings and spouses alike. They may be people that you like, some you do not, people that you love, and some …. not so much. They all serve a purpose. They may need to teach you a life lesson or how to look at something in a different way. They may be here to teach you to love on a new level or test your level of patience. They may simply exist to make you understand your worth. I think most of us have no idea of ​​our worth. That's what friends do. True friends, trusted friends, real friends. I have finally learned to understand that.

I went from being a high school kid who really did not want anything to do with making friends to "I can not imagine my life without them". I was a loner and I liked it that way. Today I can not remember what that was like. I do not want to remember. What a sad and angry person I must have been. I think I have made up for it though. I am happy to say that there are a solid group of amazing women that I call my Girlfriends. I love and appreciate each and every one. The thing that amazes me the most is how many of them there are and how different each one is.

1. Kim – aka – Princess, Auntie Kim- my right arm for the last 10 years or so. I'm right handed so that's really important.

2. Sharon – Auntie Sharon, Shar – my left arm and my sons godmother. We have been friends for the past 22 years. I think she can read my mind.

3. Laura – aka – Fitch – Best Friend from High School, mother of my godsons, most like me of all my friends. Do not ask her if you do not want to know.

4. Joneen – aka – "J", Brat, Peanut, Auntie Peanut, and Baby Sis – She answers to just about anything as you can see. She is my baby sister and I love her dearly. Has the ability to break my heart if she ever wanted to. Thanks goodness she has no desire to. She loves my son like her own.

5. Taritha – Auntie T – Talk about fun. She never forgets a birthday, anniversary or holiday.

6. Deanna – A sister. I can not explain it, never have been able to, she just is.

7. Kathleen – A smile and laugh that will just make your day. She is sweat, reasonable, fun and so much stronger than she ever gave herself credit for.

8. Phyllis – a new friend – She is hyper and giddy and fun. Loves her daughters like no one's business.

9. MC – another newbie- We just jell. She has a saying for everything. Independent, strong and fierce. Honest as the day is long. If you meet her you know what I mean.

Each one of these women owns a piece of my heart. I also have a different relationship with each of them. There is a sixth sense you have as well when you are a girlfriend. We seem to know exactly when one of the others needs us. It's weird and cool all at the same time.

Out of the blue this week I got Sharon a Valentine's Day card. I can not remember ever doing that before. But, I saw this card that just screamed her name. On the front of the card were Lucy and Ethel. And when you opened it they were singing the friendship song from that hilarious episode when they destroyed each other's dress. I immediately thought of Sharon and me. We are so close and so devastatingly honest mixed with an amazing amount of love and respect. Off in the mail it went.

She called me a couple days later, the day after Valentine's Day actually. She had just opened her mail. She was laughing so hard she sounded like she was crying. She just said "I love you. I just had the worst week ever and I needed this more than I can say." Did I know that, no not consciously but, she's a part of me. So maybe on some level I did.

My girlfriends, what did I ever do without them? What would you do without yours? When was the last time you told them that? Now might be a good time.

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