Chat Abbreviations

If you are dating online or simply chatting with others you’re not only going to stumble about smileys, but at some point with a high possibility about chat abbreviations and letter strings. Those chat abbreviations are an important part of the chatting and online dating culture and by learning them, you’re not only following a trend, but you are as well making your chats more efficient because you can express a whole sentence in a few letters. Below we will have a look at the most important, interesting and popular chat abbreviations and explain their meanings.

Chat abbreviations are less known than smileys are in popular culture, maybe because they are less self-explanatory, nevertheless they are a fixed part of the online world.

They are mostly shortcuts of English sentences or words (Barbeque = BBQ) and can use as well numbers instead of letters (hate = h8). Some of them may even be common abbreviations, used in daily communication (ASAP – As soon as possible).

The overview in alphabetical order:

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