Chat Up a Beautiful Woman for the First Time

I love helping guys find the confidence to make small talk with a beautiful woman, be it at the supermarket, the dog park or even the holy Mecca of fabulous flirtation….at the bar on a Saturday night, and in FRONT of all your amazed friends!

First of all, you’ve got to realize…Just because she’s beautiful, it DOES NOT mean she’s a snob. Or unapproachable. Actually, on the contrary, what you are going to find (many times, anyway) is that a woman who is extraordinarily attractive is quite lonely. And more insecure than you might imagine, too. Remember, no one quite sees themselves the same way as everyone else does. That applies to a great looking girl too – she most likely sees many more of her flaws, than fabulous features.

So how are you going to get some good rap going? First of all – be yourself! Be funny and stop worrying about looking or being cool. Just head on over and crack a funny joke, buy a few drinks for her friends if you can and if you are with a group of friends – hey, have some fun at their expense! Laugh a little bit – say they put you up to it……point one of them out in the group and bust his chops a bit. If she’s in a group of friends, they’ll be laughing along with you and you are going to look like the life of the party!

Look, if you’ve got her one on one – keep things light and engaging. Ask questions – and pay her a few compliments! But not about her looks – about conversational things that you share in common, or maybe an insight that she shared. It AMAZES me how many guys will approach my friends and I at a club, chat with one of my beautiful single friends, and invariably…all they want to talk about after a few drinks is how HOT they are! This is less of a compliment, and more of a common pick up – so don’t do it.

Of course there is a lot more…But being yourself is the best advice I can give you, and pretend like you’ve been there before too. Wing it if you have to, but self confidence is SO sexy – that even if you’re just pretending, she might buy it – and you’re going to get a shot at the big prize if you keep it going, I promise. 🙂

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