Cheating – How to Cheat on Your Wife Or Husband

Want to cheat on him or her? Follow this simple and effective 2-step approach to successfully master cheating using adult online dating!

Cheating Wife – How to Cheat on your Man

Note: It's much easier for a cheating wife to cheat than a husband. In fact, it does not require much more work than signing up for adult dating. The guy-to-girl ratio at adult dating sites are much higher than normal dating sites, so as a cheating wife you'll be in BIG demand. The reason why there are more men at adult dating sites could be that most women, unlike most men, have the ability to resist the fundamental and unconscious human desire to sleep with other people. So, step 1: Sign up. Step 2: Sleep, wash, rinse & repeat.

Cheating Husband – How to Cheat on your Wife

Do not worry about the ratio above, the wives you'll find at adult sites are super clear as to what they are looking for: other cheaters looking for one-night stands. Of course, this does NOT mean that any cheating wife you'll meet online through an adult site will sleep with you. Believing that is a big NO-NO. You still have to seduce her on your first date.

A wife that agrees to meet up with you offline is your second step to become a cheater. Your first step is to contact and flirt with her (ie joining an adult dating site, creating your profile, uploading pictures, browsing members, chatting, flirting, asking for a date). Tip: Do not use a simple headshot, use pics showing your upper-body and face.

Let luck & Good's : hope your spouse will not the find

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