Come, Let’s Get Married – An Internet Fraud

I would be taking time to educate people concerning the various cyber crimes and fraud available on the Internet so we don’t fall victims to this unscrupulous cyber criminals. I would start this first series with tricks associated with Internet dating sites and methods of identifying a dating scam when you see it. I have taking caution to title this blog as ” Come lets get married-an Internet dating scam”.

Firstly, may I state emphatically that some Internet relationships do actually end-up at the aisle but due to constraints I’ll limit this blog to relationships across international border. These sorts of relationships has been responsible for various identity theft scenarios, cheque fraud, online bank transfer fraud, credit card scam e.t.c so I’ll start today with simple methods of identifying a fraud or Internet liar.

How do you spot a fraud or liar?

1- The first method of spotting a fraud is when you get an email message or dating mail that reads like this

“Hello dear, I just came across your profile and I’ll like for us to to share a relationship. I just want a person to love me sincerely and issues like age, distance and race should not be a barrier in the face of true love. please contact me on kkkkk at I’ll be expecting your mail”

or a message like this,

“You are a very beautiful person and I want us to be friends because I want to share my life with you email me at kkkkk at”

You notice that the message usually carry an email address and whenever the person refers to race then be sure the person is absolutely African and probably from West-Africa ( Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Liberia). They usually send messages like this without even taking time out to read through the recipients profile to know if they are compatible or if they share the same sexual orientation. This form of bulk messages are usually sent on social free networks like or and some even on paid social networks like, Yahoo! Personal,, etc. Again these messages can be sent by spamming email list and using marketing mailers to send the message to a large number of people.

2- Another way of spotting if it is a fraud is if he/she tells you they are in a particular location and suddenly they have to travel to work or go on vacation to Africa, Russia, United Kingdom or Asia then be sure the person is a fraud. Why? When they meet you on a dating site they are always in a hurry to change location as this would afford them the con to tell you if they want to demand for money. Secondly so you would not be able to confirm if truly they are in the country they say they are in.

A friend of mine met a lady on a dating site who told him she resides in Tampa Florida, unknown to her, my friend was having his vacation in Florida so he suggested they meet, only for the girl to come up with a dumb story that her mom in Africa suddenly became ill and she had to travel immediately.

3- The annoying ones are the ones that say they reside in the UK. They are usually convincing but when you get to speak with them on phone you’ll discover they don’t sound anything British. English accent would always be recognizable any day but you get convinced when you dial the UK number. I’m sorry to disappoint you but the numbers are all UK redirect numbers that are free and works with any mobile phone number in the world. In essence, a person’s phone number in Dubai can be connected with a UK number so that when the UK number is dialed it rings on your mobile phone in Dubai. Just check out this site and see how easy it is. or Google for UK redirect numbers and see various sites offering the services for free.

4- When a person asks you for your bank details or offers to pay money into you account then be sure he his a scam. this is how it works, they use hackers to move money from another persons account online into the account information you’ve supplied to him/her them they ask you to withdraw the money and send to them or to a third party. Please do not do this because it would get you into problem with the police because you’ll be held responsible. They might even send a bank cheque to you. please do not indulge as it would get you into serious criminal procedure.

5- Again there exist some that tell you they want to meet with you and they offer to travel down but they can’t afford it. Sometimes you get sympathetic and decide to send them money for ticket fee only to find out that they never come and they keep asking for other money like BTA (basic travel allowance) some even ask you to help them with money to procure visa. These are all frauds and get them off your list the moment they show these traits

6- The ones I find annoying happens when you meet a person and in less than 48 hours they are professing love to you. Please stay off these individuals as they are online to play and commit criminal acts.

7- Some use pictures that don’t belong to them. Imagine a Caucasian in Africa that can afford to be online and can’t afford to be on a web-cam. Always make sure you ask them on the web-cam to be certain they are the real person they claim to be. Using other person’s pictures is so very easy, just open on peoples profile in and see how easy it is to download pictures of other members. Have ever noticed that most Caucasians that resides in Africa are all Hot. Anyway it’s always nice to have them on web-cam and if they can not be on web-cam try something like this; you could tell him you’d like him or her to take a picture with a mobile phone or digital camera and stipulate the type or design of cloth you want him to put on. This would prove if truly they are who they claim to be. Again be sure to check for spelling error while they mail you or chat with you as it is on record that most of these cyber criminals are high school drop-out but sometimes they pose to be university graduates.

8- Some simply use other peoples Credit Card information to buy products online and send to your address and ask you to help them re-send to another address. These ones are criminals and you should stay off. I know a lady online who gave her address to a man she was having a relationship with. The man who is a fraud resides in Africa and shipped blackberry phones to the ladies address in the states and asked her to forward the phones to his address in Africa. The lady was later arrested for credit card fraud and was made to make refunds after a long legal battle. You can avoid all this by simply staying off these individuals who triumph on the emotional weakness of others to swindle them.

Individuals with the highest rate of dating crimes are found in West Africa, Russia and the UK and please be careful when you meet a person online as most people abuse the Internet for their own selfish purpose. I’ll in later edition critically evaluate Internet dating frauds and method of knowing if that person telling you he/she loves you truly does and many other scams used for dating purpose but for space I’ll leave it for future blog but if you have a question, comment or need help to be sure your partner is not a fraud be free to email me or call and I’ll help you to the best of my abilities. Don’t worry its completely free.

By Kayode Martin –

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