Confused in Love – Falling In Love With Your Guy Best Friend!

Most girls have a guy friend they have known for some time that they enjoy hanging out with. They date other people but have a special relationship of their own. They can be so entwined that people they are dating become jealous of the time they spend together as they wonder just how close these two friends really are.

So what happens when one of these friends starts to have new and different feelings for the other? Should they tell them and risk there friendship or hope it is a phase that will eventually fizzle out?

Amber and Jack had been friends for as long as they could remember and knew everything there was to know about each other. Their secrets were locked away in each others hearts and minds knowing that never would one betray the other.

Amber was not exactly sure when the change began but she had become totally disillusioned with the guys she was dating when she discovered that her feelings for Jack were changing. She loved him, which was something she never doubted but now she felt she was falling IN LOVE with him. She was really confused as to why this was happening because she always thought that a friend was just that and a lover was someone you felt passionate about. To her they were separate things and it had never occurred to her she could fall so deeply in love with a best friend.

Up until now she had not felt DESIRE for Jack so was quite bewildered by her new found interest in her best friend. It made sense in some ways because Jack possessed all the qualities she wanted in a romantic partner and none of the guys she had dated came close.

Amber knew her feelings for Jack were not going to change so she now wondered if he possibly felt the same. She had heard there were ways you could tell if a guy friend was attracted to you but had never thought she would need to know. Till now that is.

The questions Amber will need to ask could put an end to her feeling confused in love.

1. Does Jack flirt with Amber a lot? This can be a distinct sign he is romantically interested in her.

2. Does he want to spend a lot of time with her. Perhaps more than he does with his girlfriends?

3. What is his body language telling her? If he stares at Amber and looks away when she spies him doing this it means he is attracted to her for sure. Looking a person in the eye is easy when you are not undressing them in your mind.

4. How tall and straight does he stand when Amber is close by. Guys can have terrible posture but if they want a woman to notice them they tuck their tummy in and stand very tall and proud. This mating ritual is very obvious when they are with a group of male friends while a girl they fancy is walking by.

5. When a man has feelings for a woman his dress code will instantly improve. If I were Amber I would be looking for changes like this to give me some evidence that Jack could feel the same way as her.

Should Amber tell Jack what she is feeling and possibly risk the friendship?

Because the dynamics of the friendship have completely changed for Amber she will find it hard to continue as before anyway. If the friendship is strong it will survive and perhaps grow even grow stronger. Amber cannot keep this bottled up inside for long as Jack will see something is wrong. He may feel hurt that she cannot share her problem.

Falling in love with a best friend and having that love reciprocated is as close to soul mates as you can get. Loving someone you have shared the best and worst of times with could make for a magical relationship as all the hard work of getting to know each other is done.

“Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I had no control over.” ~ edawel

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