Could You Attract Any Hot Single Girl You Want?

When attracted to a certain woman, a lot of men are very anxious and apprehensive of approaching her. It happens to be a peculiar fact of the natural world where two things that should mesh together flawlessly actually clash chaotically. These two things are a woman's finely honed filtering mechanism and a man's not-so-much well-developed approach mechanism. Things used to be much simpler than thousands of years ago, and they still are that simple in the animal kingdom.

The filtering mechanism of a woman is designed to screen out weak, unsuited men with extreme efficiency as to where most guys are rejected before they even get a chance to introduce themselves . A man's approach mechanism is generally designed to increase his adrenaline, heart rate, breathing, and mental activity to prepare him for the complex task at hand (as it was necessary for hunting or battle), but it now makes him nervous, awkward, and apprehensive When trying to meet women which he finds particularly attractive.

How can men change their approach to seducing women to what they are attracted even if those women are beyond their perceived reach?

During the first time approach, do not head straight for her. Walk a trajectory that is at a slight angle as if you were to walk past her. When you approach her and prepare your initial interaction, avoid having your chest facing her directly (as this would give off a sense of need ). Keep your shoulders at an angle, and rotate only your head to face her. Have you ever made this mistake?

The large majority of men get this, and so many things, wrong in their approach tactic because we've been Deceived by the media and society. We tend to head directly for a woman and face her dead on because we've been trained to believe that this makes us appear confident. This may work with an employer or sometimes an opponent but not with women. It makes them feel awkward and like they are too much the center of your attention straight out of the blue, and their filtering mechanism will instantly label you as "too needy." She'll subconsciously reject you, and … it would not even be her fault; It almost never is.

If you've messed this up already, does it mean you'll never have a chance with her? No. It just means that that specific interaction is dead in the water. You may as well quit while you're ahead and leave. You'll have every option to redeem yourself later no matter how long you've known her already or how long you've been in the friend zone .

However, before even reaching her, the initial approach is a critical phase that must not be overlooked but often is. It is very important that you are confident in the way you walk (whether it's towards her or just in her presence). You must take large steps while keeping your head up, and pull your shoulders down (without puffing out your chest). Again, make sure you do not walk directly towards her with your chest facing her. Walk as if you own the place and are not hesitant about anything.

When you are ready to speak with her, make sure your voice does not give away your insecurities. This is done by keeping a low-pitch and stable voice tone. Do not end your sentences in high-pitch tones because it will seem as though you are unsure of yourself. We end sentences in high-pitch tones when we ask questions – we do not want to question ourselves. We want to exude confidence in every sense, but do not confuse confidence with cockiness.

When she is speaking to you, look at her mouth and not her eyes. This is a subconscious trigger to her emotional brain to automatically think about getting in bed with you. This does not mean she's agreeing to do so, but it makes her think about the scenario and what it would be like.

If she looks at your mouth when you're speaking, it could be an indicator of something called triangulation. Triangulation occurs when she looks at your mouth and then your left eye and then your right eye and then repeats this process (not necessarily in that order). When she does this, it means she is thinking about kissing you and actually that she wants you to make the move; Take advantage of this opportunity. Timing is everything!

Always maintain a cheerful attitude during the conversation and never let frustration or dignity get the best of you. If she jokingly insults you, just smile and change the subject as if it did not even register. Remember, you are confident and believe you could get any girl in the world. Keep remembering yourself that she is associated to you, and she's the one working to get you attracted to her (even though that obviously is not the case).

Did you know that there are also many psychological tests you can use to check where a woman is using the creative part of her brain, the visual part, the emotional part, etc and find out whether she's lying or even trying to connect with you on An emotional level? This is all done with the way she moves her eyes. There are many more of these behavioral indicators as well as manipulations a man can use to his advantage to build attraction and even have any woman fall in love with him!

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