Cultural Differences Between Russians and Americans

Language and culture play a tremendous part in our understanding and perceptions of the world. Here are some major cultural differences between Americans and Russians.

‘Wedded Strangers: The Challenges of Russian-American Marriages’ by Lynn Visson is a great book that explores the cultural differences between Americans and Russians.

Lynn has a lot of personal experience in this area as she is an American of Russian decent and is married to a Russian man.

The following are some excerpts from her book:

“People who choose a spouse from a different culture often do so because they are unable to find a place in their own society, reject its values, or seek a niche elsewhere and would prefer a mate unaware of their alienation.”

Opposites Attract

“Russians and Americans are attracted to each other because they believe they are endowed with those qualities that are missing at home. As opposed to passive, boorish and intoxicated Russian men, Americans have the reputation of being clean, polite, considerate, and hard workers.”

“Russian girls offer to American men pure femininity and the willingness to play a wife’s traditional role. American men are sick of emancipated women and Russian women are sick of domestic dictators.”

“The American man is looking for a more traditional woman and the Russian woman is looking for a slightly more liberated man.”

Fundamentally, neither American men who are seeking Russian women, and Russian women who are seeking American men, have found what you are looking for at home. Both Russian women and western men think they will find in each other what is missing in their own countries.

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