Cute Love Quotes to Send to Your Girlfriend

1. Didn’t I tell you? I never thought about you. Only those forgotten will be thought about.

2. You make me forget myself. That’s why, I have forgotten your birthday.

3. I had a rebirth when I saw you first. You are my second mother.

4. My mind is infected with love. It keeps thinking about you only.

5. Why am I hearing your name as an inner voice always? Will you cure my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

6. People started complaining that I am talking alone. Will you stop talking when I am alone?

7. Seeing is believing. I see you and believe Angels do exist.

8. In my dream yesterday, I saw myself proposing to you and getting an ‘yes’ from you.

9. I never know I have such a passion for music until I listen to you when you speak.

10. They say we two make good couple. Can we make them say ‘good parents’?

11. I stress to have babies because I want to increase the number in your breed, the cutest in the world.

12. I make mistakes to make you angry, because I get another chance to explain how much I love you.

13. How strange! Love taught me patience. You are always late, and still I wait with no complaints.

14. I was sleepless yesterday as we had good time together. I am sleepless today as my mind still dwells in yesterday.

15. If you want me to die in your hands, say, ‘WE ARE BREAKING UP!’

16. I flirted just to check how possessive you are.

17. We have just talked for hours, but it feels like ages after you have left. Does this mean I miss you?

18. Be with me till my end. At that time, my body will desert you, leaving my soul with you.

19. I prefer a movie because I love watching you non-stop.

20. I feel like narrating to you anything that has happened or hasn’t happened in my life. But I end up being silent as your presence makes me ignore my past as trivia. You are glorifying my history.

21. I won’t gift you a rose because it may envy your beauty; I won’t gift you a jewel because it’s frightened by your value; I will gift you my soul that adores your beauty and knows your value.

23. Our cute love story after many centuries: Once upon a time, you and I loved each other. We got married and proved we were made for each other. We lived happily thereafter.

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