Dating – 7 Signs of a Great First Date

With dating being taken over by online dating websites, chat rooms and even Facebook, many couple meet online before they actually meet in person. But eventually that inevitable first face to face date becomes a reality in many cases. The question is How do you know if your date is going well or there will be chances of a repeat?

The first sign is that you are actually excited to be going on this date and your date is seemingly excite as well. If you are in doubt then you should have said "No" since your lack of enthusiasm will spill over into kill any chances of a second date anyway.

Second sign is that he or she or both actually showed up and is on time. In these times many women and men prefer to meet somewhere first so the chances of one or the other being late or not even showing up happens more often.

Third sign is that the gentleman actually spent time planning the date and flying by the seat of his pants. When someone make some effort to ensure that the date goes well then there is potential.

Fourth sign is that one or both share eye contact during and throughout the date. If either of the couple is looking around the room or area continually then they are not focused on the person they are spending time with and therefore seem uninterested in the company they are keeping

Fifth sign is when the two are sharing laughter and joy together. This laughter is not at the other person but with them. This indicates there is some kind of entertainment and interest.

Sixth sign is that at the end of the date the gentleman picks of the bill. When a man asks a woman on a date and takes her to a meal then he should be prepared to take the check. Ladies, be considerate especially on your first date. Your gentleman deserves that and if he expects you to pay toward the check, consider that a sure sign that a second date is out of the question. Unless, of course, the two of you decide to dutch treat in the beginning before the date materialized.

And seventh sign is if either of you can not wait to talk to each other again. That does mean talk, not send text messages or email but actually talk. Ladies if you want him to call you the next day or soon after the key is to go home to your own house and he goes to his when the date is completed. A great date and beginning of a great relationship will ALWAYS leave something to the imagination.

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