Dating Conversation Questions For Your Boyfriend

Finding things to talk about with your boyfriend may got tiresome. This is because men are easily bored with topics they do not care about. So you, as the girlfriend, must come up with interesting topics for conversation.

For example, you may have the sportsman type of boyfriend. You should be sure to bring up whatever you know with respect to sports. This is because you know he will be interested. You might be bored to tears but find out about something you could get used to. And please, do not talk about how hot the athletes are or how their dress style is. That is more of a turn off than if you talked about Barbara Streisand's life story.

The next thing you need to realize is that men love food. Besides, talking about food is universal and always fun. Does he like steaks, shrimps, burritos, etc? Talk about how good you are at cooking because any man will go crazy for this.

Another great topic of conversation is sex. Sex sells in advertising and it is no different in person. You want to talk about whatever comes in your mind such as positions, past experiences, how you like doing it. Your craziest time of having sex is a good way to get the man interested and involved in the conversation.

But if you are a conservative type of girl, you may not want to talk about sex or sports. You can also talk about traveling. Men appreciate a girl that likes to travel and has stories to share.

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