Dirty Talk – Suggestions For Women From a Man

Get your man to think about you all day and all night. Make him steam. Make him long for you. Talk dirty to your man. Dirty talk is the most overlooked ingredient for a spiced up relationship. Most women tend to get shy when it comes to dirty talk. These women don’t know what they are missing.

In reality, men love women who are decent and reserved. But when it comes to bed, men want to see the wild side of women. Men want to see some real action. Now read on and let’s talk dirty.

Dirty talk doesn’t necessarily be done in bed while making love. If you would just be creative and naughty enough, you would come up with a lot of ideas on when to do the dirty talking. Remember you can do dirty talk discreetly. This way you won’t have to worry of having a dirty image.

While walking on a park, just act normally and whisper to him sexy and naughty words. It could be of anything. It could be about your love-making just the other night. Touch him naughtily and see how he reacts. You can do it from time to time but do check his mood or you might overdo it.

One good idea is sending him naughty text messages. Or you can send him hot picture messages while at his workplace. This will surely make him sweat. Or you can call him on his cellphone and whisper sexy words, then immediately turn off your cellphone for a while so as not to give him a chance to call you back.

Learn to tease him and suddenly just stop. Be creative enough to think of ways on how to make him really hot. When he’s watching TV try to cross his view wearing sexy clothes, and say nothing just walk away and ignore him. Let him follow you, for sure he’ll do. You don’t actually have to talk to do dirty talk. Let your body and actions do the talking. Silently talk dirty to him.

Another good idea is while taking his shower, try to offer him a back scrub. And while doing it whisper naughty words in his ears and tell him that you’ll stop if he touches you. There are really lots of ways to talk dirty to your man. You really just have to be very creative.

Dirty talk can be applied anywhere. Remember try to avoid doing the dirty talk while your man is driving. He might lose his concentration while driving. But if you can’t help it be sure to stop the car before you continue on with your dirty talk.

Good luck on talking dirty.

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