Dirty Talk Text – How To Let Your Fingers Do The Talking

You’ve no doubt heard of sexting, where people send dirty pictures of themselves to each other via their telephones. But, have you heard about dirty talk text messaging? This is becoming more common as couples lead busier lives that keep them apart much of the time.

It’s a great way to stay close to each other and turned on about each other, purely by sending a few dirty text messages throughout the day. If it’s a back and forth thing, it will keep the two of you looking forward to your next live, skin-on-skin in person encounter.

Dirty talk text messaging is usually comprised of simple one or two sentence suggestions of what one party would like to do to the other right then.

The party receiving the message then responds in the affirmative and also suggests something that they could do in bed that is kinky, meaningful to each other or simply new, bold and shockingly appealing.

The dirtier the words that are used in these exchanges, the more tantalizing they will be, as they will plant images in the minds of the two of you of things you can look forward to when next you meet. It will really help your sex life take off.

One important thing you should remember about dirty talk text messaging, however, is to be SURE that no one is going to see those messages but you. (This has to be especially true if you’re having an affair and are married to someone else and want it to stay that way.)

Make absolutely certain your wife or husband will not ever see those messages. It is good practice to simply delete them (as well as your replies) as soon as you receive them, so that if your spouse gets hold of your phone, there will be no evidence of your misdeeds.

Tiger Woods, the famous golf player, recently got into some trouble with his wife over sexy text messages he was receiving from women he was seeing on the side. While your own sex texts may not turn into the media circus that his did, you still don’t want to deal with the private scene that would ensue should those texts be discovered. Therefore, discretion is always key in these situations.

Fortunately, the vast majority of people using sex texts are single or dating/in a relationship with each other, so there is really no danger to either party if anyone else discovers the texts (though some embarrassment may be involved if your mother or boss finds them).

Oh – one last really IMPORTANT point about dirty texting. Check and then double check, before you hit the ‘Send’ button who it is about to be sent to! There is a long line of red faces of those who, innocently enjoying some dirty messaging with their partner, got over excited and accidentally sent a text detailing what they were going to do to the recipient of the message in full, gory detail only to find they’ve just sent it to the wrong person!

Check before you hit the Send button – then check again!

The dirty talk text technique is an excellent way for couples who have to spend a lot of time apart to stay together in thought during the day. A quick dirty message at lunch or near bed time will make the other person smile and know you’re thinking of them. That is the best kind of way to reach out and touch someone in the digital world.

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