Does a Bigger Penis Make You More Confident? New Techniques Naturally Enhance Your Penis

It is a commonly assumed fact that the bigger your penis is the more confident you are as a man. This was definitely the case for me. While I put on a natural front to over compensate for what I saw as my own personal shortcomings I was really a traumatic mess when it came to having sex. I dreaded taking my briefs off. If this sounds like a problem that you may have faced than this article is definitely for you…

How to get your confidence back

I have always been a naturally confident person but when it came to being naked I was always the guy in the showers with his shorts on. I tried all kinds of different treatment and methods and the more I tried the more ridiculous they seemed. I was even contemplating shelling out on a very expensive surgery when I stumbled across a natural method that sounded promising. Promising doesn’t even describe it – it was mind blowing!! I grew 4 inches in the space of a few months and the best thing was that I did it all naturally. This is so great because the confidence extends to all areas of my life. Not only is my girlfriend much happier with my penis, I am better at work and happier in general. In my opinion, a bigger penis has made me much more confident.

How to give yourself the natural boost of a few extra inches

It is a commonly known fact that your penis is a muscle, and just like any muscle that you work on at the gym without the necessary nutrients flowing through your body it will not grow. You have to nourish your penis just like you nourish any other part of your body to stimulate growth. As an adolescent your body took care of this for you blasting biochemicals into the cells of your penis that forced it to grow. Of course puberty ended and the growth stopped. The secret to natural growth is – you can stimulate your penis to grow again just by starting the process over.

There are 2 techniques that you should use simultaneously to make your manhood grow. The first is using biochemicals to make your penis bigger. This is the natural process that took place during puberty. The second is using jelqing exercises. These accelerate growth of your penis and make the growth happen at a much faster rate. The best way to jelq is to grip around the base of your shaft when you are 50% hard, and to ‘milk’ the penis to the tip slowly. If you do this for 20 minutes when the biochemicals are present then you will see faster growth.

Restarting the process

To get those all important biochemicals working for you again all you have to do is enforce a natural enhancement system. If you follow this step in no time at all you will see gains that you could have never imagined before. I did and my penis grew an amazing 4 inches – The same thing could happen to you! Getting a bigger penis is great for your confidence and changing the biochemical makeup of your body really makes it  grow. This new, natural technique will give you a bigger penis, and you’ll feel much more confident both in the bedroom, and out of it in other areas of your life.

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