Does My Ex Boyfriend Want Me Back? Signs He's Still in Love With You

Does my ex boyfriend want me back is a question you may be asking if you've gone through a break up with the one man you truly love. Unfortunately not all relationships go the way we want them to and one day you may find yourself missing your boyfriend because you two are not together anymore. It's hard enough to judge what a man is feeling when you two are happily dating. It's virtually impossible to know what's in his heart and head after you two have split up. If you've been wondering whether or not he may still have feelings for you there are a few signs that he still loves you that are unmistakable.

When a man is still in love with a woman even after the relationship has changed he'll be in touch with her frequently. If a man has truly fallen out of love with a woman he'll want to create distance between the two of them and that means that he'll forget her phone number and email address. If your ex calls occasionally to see what you're up to and if he suggests meeting sometimes, just as friends, for a coffee or lunch, he's definitely not completely over you yet.

Does your ex ever ask about your current dating status? If he does, take that as a good sign of his ongoing interest in you. When a man has fallen out of love with a woman he does not care who she's dating and what she feels for him. However, when a man still is harboring lingering feelings for his ex girlfriend he wants to has his finger on the pulse of her social life. If you want him back, you need to answer any questions he has about who you're dating carefully. Do not try and make him jealous by telling him there's someone else. This can actually backfire and leave him feeling rejected. Instead, be honest and let him know that there's no one you're interested in. This may open the door for him to tell you that he wants you back just as much as you want him back.

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