Does Your Teen Have Hemorrhoids? – Learn Some Hemorrhoid Cures and Get Them Off Their Butt!

Imagine preparing for your child’s graduation from high school. They are looking forward to prom and the parties following, and then all of a sudden you are on line looking for Hemorrhoid Cures for the Graduate.

It may not seem like a very possible scenario but let me tell you, it is happening more often today. What could be the cause? Well, there are many factors that are contributing to this growing problem of Teenagers developing hemorrhoids.

First of all, the diet that many teens eat today is very unhealthy. High in sugar and low in fiber. All the convenience foods that teens love so much are packed full of sodium and preservatives. This can lead to many changes in our bodies that promote the development of hemorrhoids.

Second, how many teens are addicted to video games or ‘Internet chat’? All the exercise that a lot of teens get today is ‘finger strengthening’ from all the texting they do. Sitting is done for most of the day and this can contribute to the forming of hemorrhoids.

Lastly, well this is the result of the first two reasons that I listed, constipation and/or diarrhea due to an unhealthy diet and decreased exercise. Constipation is the number one cause of hemorrhoids and diet and activity level are directly related to this.

If you are a parent of a teen that has developed hemorrhoids, you are on the right track because obviously you are looking for a Hemorrhoid Cure to help them get rid of their hemorrhoids.

Now I can’t guarantee that your teen will like everything that I will write, but you can reassure them it is for their own good and future health.

One cure is to take warm saltwater baths a few times a day to soak the bottom. This will not only keep the area clean it will help the hemorrhoid to heal. It also will give immediate relief of any pain they are having. You can get special sitz bath salt at you local pharmacy.

The next thing is to apply some sort of hemorrhoid ointment. Witch Hazel is a good natural one that will not only relieve pain, but will help shrink the hemorrhoid and promote faster healing. Witch Hazel is the main ingredient in Tucks Pads. Your teen can apply this as often as they like, and they will thank you for it. There are also other herb and oils that they can apply, that are known hemorrhoid cures.

Now to keep these annoying things from coming back, your teen will have to make some changes to their diet and activity level. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, increasing fruits, vegetables and whole grains will take care of the diet part. Suggesting they be a little more active even just doing some walking will help a great deal with healing of the hemorrhoids and preventing future ones.

Sharing the facts about the developing of hemorrhoids is the best Hemorrhoid Cure you can give.

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