Easiest Ways to Get a Girls Phone Number – Here is the Sure Fire Formula Which Always Works

Have you even been in a situation where you wanted to get someone's phone number but do not know what to do? Or always get rejected trying to get one? Then here are helpful tips that are proven to work.

Plan ahead and be direct – Always plan before taking actions. Check the surroundings, is she with someone, what is she doing? Is she wearing a ring? How's her mood? Under good situations, a girl will give her phone number regardless if she likes you or not as long as you ask her directly, do it the easiest direct way and avoid pickup lines or cheesy introductions.

Direct eye contact – is a must! If you follow the first tip, then you should already be aware with her surrounding, never look below her head specifically on her breast, it's a big no no! Try to initiate eye contact even before approaching, it's the easiest way to get someone's attention without even speaking a word, girls love it, try it and instantly see results.

Body movements – Be aware of your body movements, specifically the way you move your hands. When approaching, do not move like a big gorilla, never sway your hands. If in a conversation, be aware of your movements, a sudden change or frequent body movement reflect nervousness or doubt and is a big turn off.

Have everything in hand – Either your cell phone or planner, whatever device you plan to store the number into. Under certain situations, such as asking for a phone number in a club where its noisy, it's always better to hand the girl the phone and have her input the number, most will appreciate it. Worst thing you could do when asking for a phone number is having the girl repeat herself.

Technology is your friend – Nowadays when all girls are online and can either have a facebook, twitter and definitely an email address, it's no longer just the phone number. If the girl appears to be the shy type or even rejected your phone number request then try obtaining other information instead, nearly all girls freely gives out their web contact information. Having the said information, you can then easily ask for her phone number online or even initiate a friendly chat, you'll actually be surprised on other information that you can obtain with a single web account.

Third party approach – It's always better to have someone help you out. A girl from the group could be interested with your friend, or your friend may actually know the girl. If you're alone and the girl you're interested at appears to be shy, then obtain the contact information from one of her friend, just look for the right moment and ask nicely. Remember, it's never wrong to obtain a contact number from a friend; to some guys this is actually more effective especially for the shy type.

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