Ex Boyfriend Has a New Girlfriend – How to Get Him Back Again

Falling in love with someone can be the most incredible experience. It can also be the most devastating if the relationship ends. Most of us go through life only finding love once or twice, so when we have it we want to hold onto it. If you and your boyfriend broke up and you still feel a deep sense of love for him, it's incredibly difficult when he starts dating someone new. If your ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend you may feel that he'll never come back to you. That's not necessarily the case and you may be surprised to learn that you hold a lot of power over the chance of a reunion in your own hands.

Most women have the same guttural instinct when the man they love starts dating a new woman. They first want to go rip her hair out and then they want to explain to him why he's making a bad choice. If your ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend the very worst move you can make, if you ever hope to reunite with him, is to insult her. Even a small comment about the way she wears her hair or how she dresses can damage the potential you have for getting him back. If you run into the two of them on the street you need to handle yourself in a very specific way. When he introduces the two of you be friendly, smile and compliment her. It does not have to be anything elaborate, something small about her earrings, or her belt is sufficient. Then, without seeming abrupt, say you are headed somewhere and you're late. It's that easy and it's necessary if you want your ex boyfriend back.

The reason this works to your advantage is that it's the exact opposite of what your boyfriend expects of you. Most men anticipate that when their ex meets their new girlfriend that she'll become irate, show her jealousy or burst into tears. If you take the high road and seem genuinely glad to meet her, he instantly gets confused and wonders why you are taking it so well. If your ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend you must treat her with respect. Remember that he's likely the one who asked her out and that rebound relationships rarely work.

If you two remain friends after the break up your ex boyfriend may decide to share details of his new relationship with you. This may include talking to his new girl on the phone in front of you or telling you where he took her out for dinner or what movie they saw together. Feign a little interest by smiling and telling him how great you heard the restaurant was or how you are planning on seeing that movie soon yourself. Do not react in any negative way at all. Your ex boyfriend is testing you and it's important that you do not fail by begging him to come back.

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