Examples of Dirty Talk Lines

Many girls feel shy or don’t like the idea of talking dirty with their partners. On the contrary, there are some girls who know exactly what men like and don’t shy away from flirting with guys with dirty talk. If you are one of those who are not good with dirty talks then you should check this article for the examples of dirty talks.

First of all, take out this idea from your mind that it’s not what good girls do because many girls talk hot. Most men like such talk. They also like girls who are ready to take charge in their hands. Your new way of talking and using such pick-up lines from the given examples would thrill him.

If you have not yet reached the sexual relationship, then use these lines which are not very ‘dirty’:

• I like your body

• When you touch me I feel some electric current passes through my body.

• You have nice figure

If you get nervous in front of his presence and cannot try these lines then try using them over a phone:

• Your voice is turning me on

• What are you wearing (with seductive voice)?

• Where is your hand?

• Can I rub your…

The same can be used between the chat conversations. If you are looking for some examples to use when you are in bed, then try these lines:

• Your breath turns me on baby

• I love touching your chest and playing with it

• My hands are dying to feel your back when you are on top of me

• Lock my lips with yours and let me feel the hotness for some time

• I want to feel your hands all over me

• Come over me, honey.

The important part of talking dirty is you need to be confident. The line can be anything but if you are nervous while using them then it would make you sound funny. Try these examples of dirty talks in front of a mirror. It will boost your confidence. Once you realize the effect of these talks then soon you become more confident. Dirty talk with your partner is nothing more than expressing yourself openly and showing your feelings and desires.

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