Female Orgasms – How To Use Dirty Talk To Give Your Woman An Orgasm On Command

Most men fail to realize that female orgasms can be triggered via words alone. Said differently — it is entirely possible for you to give your woman an orgasm using only your voice. Such an orgasm is sometimes called a ‘Mindgasm’.

You can give your woman much better orgasms during sex if you start TALKING DIRTY. You see, dirty talk enhances all of the physical actions that you are doing to your woman in the bedroom.

Talk dirty to your woman whilst you are fingering her and it’ll be more exciting for her.

Talk dirty to your woman as you are ‘taking her from behind’ and she’ll get more into it.

Talk dirty to her as she is screaming her way through a powerful vaginal orgasm and she’ll come harder for you.

I think you get my point…

Dirty Talk is damn powerful.

You are about to discover how to give your woman an orgasm on command. This will basically make your woman come when you tell her too.

Believe me when I tell you that this will be very exciting for both you and her and it’ll totally blow her mind.

Here’s how you do it…

You have to start off by training your woman to become extremely responsive to your voice and make her link her orgasms to your dirty talk.

The next time you are with your woman and she is very close to having an orgasm, say this:

YOU: “Baby, you want to come right now don’t you?”

HER: “Oh yes”

YOU: “You’re going to come so hard for me”

HER: “Oh God yes”

(Keep saying the above until she is a second away from coming)

Then say this right at the point as she is starting to have her orgasm…

YOU: “Come for me baby, come now, come hard for me”

What just happened is that you told her to come and she came. In reality — you made sure what you said was in time with her orgasm, but she won’t realize this.

Instead, she’ll just be engrossed in the experience and she’ll think you ‘got her off’ using your voice.

Now, here’s the key…

Do the same thing several times over the course of a couple of weeks and you will start to notice that your woman becomes more and more responsive to your dirty talk.

Eventually, you’ll be able to tell her to ORGASM ON COMMAND and she will.

Basically, when she is very aroused, wet and ready to come, you’ll say:

“Come now for me”

And she will.

Most men will never understand the power of dirty talk — try it for yourself and see what happens. You’ll be blown away and so will your woman. Guaranteed.

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