Flirt Via Text – Tips For Girls

Flirting, it is an art. Nowadays there are so many elements of which to learn. Why, because we have things like smart phones, laptops, video chat and tablets which people are using increasingly to communicate with each other. Most are doing it in an irreverent way and not with the best intentions. You have to be careful of perverts and people who simply want to take advantage of you.

It has long been established that men and women read each other wrong sometimes. What is meant is often not sent and just as frequently misinterpreted. Therefore we have to go back to the basic roles, so that they can be applied to the way we communicate in recent times. So we are reviewing exactly how to flirt with guys. These tips are specifically for women and will enhance their interactions with men. They will see more results in how they approach, flirt and communicate with you.

Now, our focus will be on texting and the etiquette involved in this mode of communication with a guy. You do have to agree that texting is really easier for those people who are shy. Especially if you like someone, it makes things a little easier. You have more privacy and can take some time to consider your responses. Do not always be available, they might think you are a little desperate; so they move on and lose interest. They want a challenge, something to work towards.

Flirting via text is made easier if it 's the guys who initiate the text chat. Girls, you do not have to be all coquettish and bombard him with cute texts. For a successful process, simply learn and know what he likes and dislikes. Another killer text flirting tip for girls, and in general, is to keep him guessing. Do not be too predictable, it will kill the thrill of the flirting. Let him be curious want to know and learn more about you. Just give little bits and pieces about who you are.

In this flirting technique, you want to put some thought into a topic before you reach out. It should be light and fun; men are not really into idle texting, and phone conversations, unless there is something in it for them. You can develop a routine of sending messages at the same time of the day. Everyone gets used to routine, he will get used to it, and you will have his attention.

Early in the morning or late in the evening is the best time to start a chat. Words of caution do not text late at night you might interrupt their sleeping pattern and instead of creating a relationship end up creating a bad relationship. When texting keep it simple and avoid using too many abbreviations. They can be more confusing than anything else. – Do not use obscenity or vulgar language ; you might see the interest wane faster than you can blink. Jokes are permissible in flirting as well.

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