Friends, I Love You

Friends can make or break you. I agree. Sometimes it is hard to find a true friend. In this challenging world that we live in, seeking a true person is almost next to impossible. I would say that locating that person is like looking for a needle in a hay. Experience wise, you cannot tell a person if they are your true friends or not. Only time can tell and test that person if they are really a true friend.

I remember one time in my life of finding people that I thought were true. They were with me through my ups and downs. Shared my happiness, cried tears with me and encouraged me to stay on top. I thought that at last I was able to find these precious gems. I was wrong, all the while I never knew that all was just a show. Friends for benefits, that’s what I called them. I never believed that these guys can actually ruin me after the time that we spent together which I called the “trying times”. Now, I was able to move on and accepted that really time can tell if a person can be true.

Friendship does not need to expect something in return, just like love, being a friend is unconditional. Just being there to your friend, showing support and encourage a person when down is just one of the things a true friend can be. Friendship does not contain any price, nor cannot get favors when you help. It’s like doing a task without expecting that it would be returned.

Finding friends who genuinely embrace you not only for your strengths, but also allow you to be open and honest about your weaknesses and struggles, is a challenge. Do not be disappointed if you were not able to see them in the near future. As long as there is life and time, they will come. And when that time comes, you will feel very happy and contented that you have true friends to share your moments with. So if you think you had found that true friend, give them a hug and say thank you. You can never tell how meaningful it would be for them to be acknowledged and thanked for.

Looking back, I am glad that I have found my genuine FRIENDS. To Revy, Tina, Jel, Lindley, Jhen, my mom, sister Jho, and Benny. Thank you. Life had made us understand each other, test and binded us closer. I remember a quote ” True friends are found on rough roads not in highways” and would like to share them with you.

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