Get a Girl to Like You No Matter What You Look Like

I'm sure you have been in a similar situation to this. You see the girl you like and you are basically drooling over how hot she is. You are probably having dreams about her every night and you promise yourself the next day you will go up and at least chat with her for a couple of minutes. The truth is you never live up to your promise because you are very scared and have no self confidence. I am here to tell you that you can get a girl to like you no matter what you look like. Plain and simple!

First off you have to understand that every single girl has different styles, and you MAY not be what she is looking for. So if you get rejected do not take it personal! Unless you said something silly that blew your chances but that is not what we are focusing now. We are focusing on what you can do to completely change your situation and have you get the confidence to pick up girls.

I like to call it separating yourself from the pack. We're all animals so I like to use some animal instinct phrases. Anyway, what I mean is you have to get her attention on you. Do you know most people do not have good manners? Yep, which means you can capitalize on this by just saying a simple "Hi, how are you" and continuing your day. Remember you are not stopping to chat, you are just putting yourself out there.

You will see that maybe the next time you see her, she will give that extra effort to come up to you and say hi. It's really that simple. Do not make it harder than it is!

Most guys do not know what to say as their "first line" but like I said keep it simple. Slightly complement her on something she is wearing or her hair. Find something good about her and please do not let it be one of her body parts!

Do not be afraid to close the deal. In baseball a closer is called into win the game. Same thing here. You can not be afraid to ask for the number or for a date with her. The worst she can possibly say is … no.

Is that a big deal? But here is my question to you. What if she says yes?

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