Get a Girl's Number on Facebook

Why would you want to game people on Facebook and is that even possible?

It's very hard in life to keep friendships up, people grow up and change from a month to month basis and unless you've got regular contact with people they quickly change their lives and exist without you. I do not really recommend adding people on Facebook who are not on the surrounds of your social circle. But what I do recommend is bumping into people at parties and events and adding them.

How do you go about adding girls on Facebook?

You need to be adding people you meet on Facebook, its Important you introduce yourself to people using your FULL NAME then they are inclined to give you their full name back. Shake their hand and be formal but also fun and then you can have all their details to later add them on Facebook, ask what they do and where they are from to ensure you add the right person.

"Hey … My names Vince Lynch (Said with authority) me and my friends are looking for a cool place to meet some great people, do you know any?"

"What's your name by the way? You look pretty fun, I mean check out those shoes!"

If they say only their first name ie Jenny, you say, Jenny? And they should complete and say their full name.

The day after meeting people you should add them on Facebook without explanation and avoid the first conversation when you see them online the first time, the next time you see them hang about wait until they've been online for several minutes, then say 'Hey 'do not jump into explaining yourself,

when you add people do not give a reason for adding them because it makes you come off defensive, and geeky. The alpha male does not explain himself, he's too busy having fun and meeting new people to bother so If I get an email saying 'why are you adding me' I tend just to email my phone number back and not say anything else; to imply that it's not me who is social inept but the girl I'm getting close with clearly is not socially aware enough to be used to this type of game.

How to demonstrate higher value Facebook?

How should I organise my photographs.

I recommend that you block your tagged photos to your audience, and show only your best photos in your profile pictures, your best photos are photos where girls think your most hot, you should ask for opinion from your sisters, or close female friends, even your mother.

I also recommend that you build pre-selection by women by displaying a lot of different girls, in multiple pictures or preferably in a single picture; these should be women of value not just anyone. You should be uninterested in the girls in your pictures, and you should choose photos where you look like your 'on top of the world' and preferably smiling but without looking like a toothpaste advert.

How do I show that people are interested in the things I say?

Every status you give should have a lot of comment replies, one way to achieve this is to write interesting statuses, you should never address your entire audiences because it does not value people for their individual qualities and shows that your indiscriminate about your personal relations .

If you want replies from people you should talk about topics similar to what they have been talking about recently but with your own original twist; and you should go about Facebook warming up audiences by commenting and 'like-ing' other people's statuses, by doing this you will be working a lot harder than the rest of Facebook and as a result you will get a lot of likes and comments on your status, pushing you to the top of the news feed, which in turn leads to a viral effect of even more comments.

How do I ensure that people think of me first and stalk my profile?

Putting a dash at the start of your name or having 'a' keeps you at the top of the friend list. When people scroll through their friends they will see you every time

The more people see of you, the more they will feel attracted to you. People like what they find familiar, they find that comfortable and they feel most confident and thus flirty around those people. Put a dash at the start of your name.

Taking Facebook sexual?

Track their Facebook activity for trends, when do they go online most often? For the majority of people its 7.30pm at night. With activity dipping on Tuesdays and Saturdays; however everyone is different, track the activity of the girl you like by looking at what times she wrote her previous statuses, or commented on friends pages, this is a good indicator of when she's online.

Turn your Facebook chat on during these times and bump into her online

Do not display too much interest and talk to them the moment they are online, wait and see if they talk first, you could simply not talk to them and see if they stay online just because your online.

Have the goal in sight, I think by the second conversation you need to be handing out your number, you can use the excuse "I'm out later with some cool people, if you decide to come out give me a text and we ' ll get a drink "

or "I do not really do chat, 07824992838" and go offline.

Other tips for building interest could involve jealously plot lines through photographs or by having another attractive girl commenting regularly on your wall; a little bit of competition can make a girl half interested into your biggest fan.

Remember the more effort and emotion someone puts into you the more they will feel like your their only option as a potential mate.

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