Get Him To Be My Boyfriend: What Every Single Girl Should Know

You are so smitten with this guy and you two are getting along just fine but the problem is you don’t know whether or not he feels the same way for you. It’s rather complicated for a woman to be in this kind of situation because of so many conflicting views about this matter. Some say that being straightforward is your best bet but others believe that a guy should do all the work. You have to realize that none of these matter because it all depends on your own standpoint and of course the kind of man you are dating. Some men don’t seem to care if the woman makes the first move but others prove to be judgmental about it. So, how do I get him to be my boyfriend?

Whatever you do, never fall for those desperate moves like waiting for days to reply to his Facebook or text messages, using another guy to make him jealous or worst getting drunk and sleeping with someone else. If he complains about it, give him that infamous smirk and tell him he is being silly and that he doesn’t have the right to question you because you are not his girlfriend. I don’t know any planet where these tactics might work! These strategies will definitely backfire and what’s worst is you can lose the man of your dreams to some illogical methods.

It’s about time that you forget what your female friends are telling you about playing mind games with a man. They have never worked and will never do, at least not in a functional, healthy relationship. How many times do we have to be reminded, ladies, that the male species can’t read our minds. If you show a guy you are not interested in him; that is what he is going to feel. He won’t sit on a couch and try to figure out whether your text message “I can’t see you anymore” really means what it is or it secretly means “Show me how much you want me”. Guys do not translate so stop playing those nonsense games that will never give you the relationship you’ve always wanted.

If you like a guy then all you have to do is to let him know. You may not say it directly but at least make him feel that he means something to you. Don’t pretend you are not interested in him at all by ignoring him and acting like a total snob when he is around. If you want him to ask you to be his girlfriend, go back to your sweet, old self. Keep it real and stop the charades.

When it comes to how to get him to be my boyfriend, it’s important that you know for certain you are girlfriend material. Don’t ever threaten his freedom and drop hints like you don’t want to be with someone who spends a lot of time with his friends or playing video games. A lot of guys don’t enter in a relationship because they know that all the fun starts to wear out once it goes serious. You want him to commit? Let him know what kind of a woman you are and he can’t find the qualities you possess in any other girl. Be confident and avoid being too needy or clingy. You need to have a life outside of him. Know your priorities but don’t make them all about him. This does not however mean that you won’t make the effort to be aware of his interests and hobbies. If you want to be his girl, you have to keep up with him and learn to enjoy the things he likes.

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